October 28, 2017

One Man's Junk - Bruce Atchison

A friend at church gave me a CD-ROM more than a decade ago. He had no more use for it so he gave it to me. I found it to be extremely useful since I used Windows 98 on my PC at that time.

Though I don't have the key to unlock all the resources on this disk, the QuickVerse King James Version Bible is free to read. I've found it most useful in finding verses which I need for my blogs and books.

For example, suppose I want to find all the verses with "forbear" in them. I type the word or phrase into the search box and all the verses with what I requested show up in a dialogue box. I can select just one or all the verses and send them to the clipboard or the printer. It can also create a file with the texts in it.

This function is handy for copying and pasting direct quotes into documents. Instead of having to type each letter from a print Bible, I merely use the copy and paste functions of NotePad to insert the text into my writing. In fact, I can even have the QuickVerse program insert quotes around the verses I choose.

And though it won't work in Windows 7 or newer, I use it on an old PC with Windows XP on it. The local library gave me that computer and I use it to do all of my writing. It isn't connected to the Internet either so I don't feel the temptation to check e-mail or what's happening on social media.

Since we need to be good stewards of what we have, we shouldn't turn down out-of-date equipment and resources. I've certainly benefited from discarded items and I believe we all need to do the same.


  1. Excellent points, Bruce! Recently my daughter took all my old homeschooling materials, including sets and sets of cassette tapes. There is such good info on these tapes that she decided to look for an old cassette player at a thrift shop so she could listen to them.

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  3. More good insights. Bruce. Thanks.

  4. Brice, you are on the mark. I used to have a program called E-Sword that was downloadable, with various versions, commentarie, and maps. I think it is still available. (Free, too) on a phone or tablet ir is called My Sword.
    Now I generally use BibleHub.com but it is online so might need to switch back to one that I don't need to connect to online. Thanks for the inspiration!


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