January 22, 2017

The Mystery of the Setting Sun By Alan Anderson

“Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed,” I Cor. 15:51

In these early days of 2017 I am thankful to God my journey has not ended yet. With the approach of a New Year there is a sense of mystery. Don’t you think? That’s how I see it. It is the mystery of the unfolding of another chapter of my life story as I journey on. So far the sun has risen for me each morning.

Every year is also a mystery of God’s unfolding story in me as one of His kids. I have no idea of what is ahead but God is there. I thank Him for the gift of mystery! I thank Him for a faith that gives me strength to carry on in this life.

In looking back on 2016 and other past years there is sense of poignancy in my heart. I remember loved ones and friends to whom I said fare thee well. Their journeys ended yet their memories are sweet and enduring. They are ones who now “sleep.” The sun has set for them yet they are with the risen Son!

I like to walk. I like to walk with one foot after the other. Perhaps I’m too cautious at times. I have, however, been known to take risks in life. The challenge is for me not to get ahead of God and mess things up. From experience I know that can hurt. I have to let God be God and realize mystery may be good for me!

A few days ago I went for a walk on the dike a couple minutes from home with Terry (my wife) and our dog Charlie. It was late in the afternoon but still light enough for a walk. It was chilly and such a beautiful afternoon. We walked with Charlie and took pictures of each other. As we were heading home Charlie and I walked a little bit ahead of Terry. She took a photo of Charlie and me. When I saw it later it spoke to me as walking into the setting winter sun. It was the inspiration for this post.

Walks on the dike often inspire me. Rain or shine the scenery surrounding the dike speaks to me. I listen to God in the quiet majesty of His creation. I thank Him for such an intimate relationship with the beauty around me. Such beauty helps me to be patient as I walk into the mystery of what lies ahead.

There are things in the shadow of God’s mystery for me to behold, look forward to and trust. For instance, I look forward in 2017 to knowing what it feels like to have some of my writing published. This is exciting! It is a path I walk in the company of my friends Glynis, Ruth, Carolyn, Barb, Donna and Amanda! They have walked such a path before. It is uncharted territory for me! It is still a mystery.

One day I will walk into my setting sun. Slowly but surely light will give way to darkness and I still will hope. I will be changed! I will know what the mystery means. I will look upon the risen Son!

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  1. Such a lovely post, Alan. (And an equally lovely picture, Terry!)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Tracy. Rather than turb to other people's photos Terry and I have started taking our own for blog posts etc. I hope you and your family are well these days my friend!

  2. It's no mystery that you have an amazing, encouraging way with words, Alan! Such peace and gratitude in your words and what a beautiful photo Terry nailed. Well done, both of you! :)

    1. Hi Glynis! You are always so encouraging. I find these days with so much negativity in society and social media etc. it is good for our souls to reflect on my life. Terry and I enjoy our walks together. Charlie makes them even more fun. The area we live in is ripe with inspiration for my writer's soul. Our walks also give us opportunity to take a lot of photos. Terry shot the one in the post just right! Take care my lovely friend!

    2. I will surely look at each new year in a different light. Thanks for giving new meaning the word, "mystery." Love this post!

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