January 19, 2017

Praise in the Storm - Eunice Matchett

This morning I awoke to a Neuralgia flare-up, a neurological condition that has taken up residence in my brain for many years. My head throbbed, feeling like a giant pimple not quite ready to be popped, but regardless, something or someone was squeezing it. Waking up in this state is not new or surprising, but what makes today a trifle different is, I must write a blog post on thankfulness.

As I stared at my screen trying to gather my thoughts the letters and icons across the top turned into bright stars doing a square dance all over the page. My eyes drifted closed and I leaned back in my chair. Within seconds a beautiful old hymn floated into my thoughts—I see the stars—I hear the rolling thunder—Thy power throughout the universe displayed. Immediately I was reminded of how small and insignificant I am, yet my Heavenly Father took time to nudge me into refocusing my mind. Gratitude overflowed, and I recalled a few of the many blessed moments in my life.

It overwhelms me knowing that our great and mighty God gave me the privilege of growing up in a home where godliness was a way of life. Sunday School was not an option, and I am thankful for those Sunday afternoons because it was in that small group I committed my life to Christ.

I am grateful for my children and grandchildren, my brothers and sister, my church family and my writing family. I am thankful I live in a country where freedom is a reality. It may be cold at times, but I have a warm house and my cupboards and fridge are always full. When I’m lonely, friends or entertainment are only a click away. My eyes don’t work very good anymore, but I have an active imagination that can fill in details I can not see.

 It would be nice to say that throughout my mini praise the pain in my head lessened but that is not so. It hurts big time but it no longer controls my feelings. For this I’m grateful because by changing the direction of my thoughts I was able to complete this post. I am also grateful for my soft comfy bed I’m about to curl up in until my head returns to normal. While I’m being thankful for big things, I’m reminded of the small day to day blessings I find myself taking for granted. For example, my four kitties, Beebins, Oliver, Athena, and Bentlee who will curl up around me, their soft purrs and unconditional love always bringing me comfort.

Satisfied I’d done all I could for this post, I clicked on the save icon and that beautiful old hymn once again filled my thoughts. Then sings my soul—My Savior God to Thee—how great Thou art.


  1. Sorry, my InScribe friend, to hear you are suffering from a Neurological flare-up, and especially to wake up with this condition on a day your blogpost was due. Years ago, I suffered from migraines, which weren't a picnic either and are, no doubt, different than what you are enduring. I use this as my only point of reference on how you might be feeling. In your present condition, I consider you brave to tackle writing a blogpost, which I would note you have done in dandy fashion. Although I am not sure who wrote this blog, I offer a prayer to our loving that you might be relieved of your suffering or get the help you need from medical people. Blessings.

    1. Eunice forgot to add her name to the title and labels but I think we can forgive her under the circumstances after reading the post! What a powerful way to start, Eunice!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Eunice! Im so sorry to hear that you suffer from these attacks. Your post made me even more thankful for all the things I take for granted. Blessings and a prayer for good health today, Eunice.


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