September 29, 2015

ICWF Fall Conference 2015 - Ruth L. Snyder

A gourmet banquet meal comes to mind when I think of the InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship Fall Conference 2015. I had the opportunity to worship God, be challenged, encouraged, motivated, and equipped. Today I'd like to share some highlights by way of pictures.
Jeff Goins
This year we, as an executive, decided to have a pre-conference session on Thursday afternoon. Jeff Goins not only challenged us to figure out what God wants us to do personally, but also encouraged us to consider how we could meet each other's needs as a community of writers. He encouraged us to think about ways our passions and skills intersect with what people need and want. He also challenged us to share our needs with our InScribe community and see how God could meet those needs through other people we know.

Irish Beth Maddock

Melanie Fischer and Sheila Webster
On Thursday evening we had a delightful time of sharing and celebrating. Many authors shared a piece they had written by reading aloud. Irish Beth Maddock delighted us with her cat shoes and her charming children's book, The Great Carp Escape. We were thrilled to celebrate Melanie Fischer's launch of her book, Ya...But How? Connie Inglis received the prize for our inaugural art contest and we all benefitted by receiving a beautiful journal with her picture on the cover.

Bittersweet Memories by Connie Inglis
Connie Inglis receives art contest award

The Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre provided a welcoming environment which many attendees commented on. The weekend flew by all too quickly as we enjoyed a wide array of quality workshops, browsed the many tables of books available for sale, ate delicious food, renewed friendships, and networked.
Fall Contest Winner


NON-FICTION ESSAY (Contemporary issue from a Christian perspective)
FIRST – “Abortion: Canada’s Unfinished Debate” by Sharon Espeseth of Barrhead, AB
SECOND- “Connecting the Dots” by Violet Nesdoly of Langley, BC
THIRD – “Until Death Do Us Part” by Nina Morey of Saskatoon, SK

FIRST – “Holiday Cheer” by Marnie Pohlman of Taylor, BC
SECOND - No prize awarded
THIRD – “Crash and Burn” by Nina Morey of Saskatoon, SK
HM –“A Shepherd’s Story” by Ellen Hooge of Calgary, AB

Bob Goodnough
FIRST – “If Only” by Sharon Cavers of Cavan, ON
SECOND- “Like a Mustard Seed” by Alvin Ens of Abbotsford, BC
THIRD – “He Was Trouble” by Connie Inglis of Edmonton, AB
HM – “The Pebble” by Katherine Hoffman of Edmonton, AB

FIRST- “Remember” by Ramona Furst of North Bay, ON
SECOND- “Monkeys on My Back” by Marnie Pohlman of Taylor, BC
THIRD – “Trust Your Pilot” by Janet Seever of Calgary, AB

FIRST – “Spirit-Led Writing” by Bob Goodnough of Delisle, SK
SECOND - “Take Up a Stone” by Marcia Laycock of Blackfalds, AB
THIRD – “Ideas” by Janice Dick of Guernsey, SK
Some of the contributors to 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

We celebrated the launch of the paperback edition of 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers on Friday night after the banquet.

I'm grateful for the volunteer team of people God has brought together to serve on the InScribe Executive for 2015-16:
President: Ruth L. Snyder
Vice-President: Sheila Webster
Secretary: Sandi Somers
Treasurer: Bobbi Junior
Membership: Gwen Mathieu
Website: Janelle Baldwin
Local Writing Group Coordinator: Tracy Krauss
Publicity Coordinator: Karma Pratt
FellowScript Editor-in-Chief: Sheila Webster
Contest Coordinator: Eleanor Bertin
Conference Convener 2016:
Spiritual Advisor Team: Jack Popjes and Connie Inglis (Elaine Ingalls Hogg as able)
FellowScript Acquisitions Editor: Pam Mytroen
FellowScript Layout Editor: Janelle Baldwin
FellowScript Columns Editor: Nina Morey
InScribe Writers Online Blog Moderator: Tracy Krauss
Professional Blog Moderator: Stephanie Nickel
Listserv Moderator: Sheri Hathaway
Administrative Assistant: Marnie Pohlmann
ICWF Book Coordinator:
Provincial/Territorial Reps: Tracy Krauss, BC; Tandy Balson, AB; Janice Dick, SK; Addy Oberlin, MB; Glynis Belec, ON; Beverley Nippard, NL/Labrador (Vacant: Yukon, Nunavut, Quebec, PEI, NB, and NS)

Pray that God will continue to use InScribe to encourage and equip writers who are Christians!


  1. It was an event to be remembered, that's for sure. Fun to read all that happened in 2 1/2 jam-packed days. But there were oh so many who I want to meet face to face but couldn't come. Someone made the brilliant suggestion that if our members PUT ASIDE $25 OR $50 A MONTH, by next summer they could have enough to pay for conference, and then we could have many many more attend. Think about it, folk. See what it would cost and then start squirrelling away those pennies - oh. No. - Nickels! LOL

  2. It was a fabulous time, for sure, and Ruth did a good job of skimming over the highlights. Even though there were lots of great workshops etc. the biggest takeaway (in my opinion) was the fellowship and personal connecting. That's something that you can;t get online or by reading a book. So, like Bobbi said, start saving now for next year! You won't be sorry.

  3. It truly is an honour to be part of this group and to be recognized for my art--that was definitely an added bonus to what was an encouraging conference. I too enjoyed meeting many new people and hearing their stories. So much to write about. Such a good God.

  4. Bravo! Brava! to all of the executive, committee members, and volunteers who put this contest together. Congratulations to all who won contests and had books to sell. How wonderful it was to meet new writing friends and renew acquaintances. Blessings to all of you in your writing.

    "All you who fear God, how blessed are you!
    how happily you walk on this smooth straight road!
    You worked hard and deserve all you've got coming.
    Enjoy the blessing! Revel in the goodness!

  5. The Bible quote is Psalms 128:1 from the Message.

  6. Bobbi, thanks for the reminder to people that if they plan ahead now it will be more likely they can attend conference. By the way, conference 2016 will be September 22-24th. Tracy, I agree. The fellowship and networking is always my favourite part of conference. Connie, I'm so glad you were able to attend conference! Sharon, thanks for your continual support and encouragement. :)

  7. Ruth,
    As it was my first Inscribe Conference I felt a little unsure of what would happen. But immediately from the pickup from the airport, to having dinners, breakfasts with attendees, to a wonderful roommate - I felt at home. This created for me a place to learn, meet God, be in fellowship with believers and truly have the best time ever. Thanks to everyone.

  8. It was my first Inscribe Conference as well. I as not disappointed! I left with a fresh energy to write, and certainly feel more connected to Inscribe now that I have met people in person. I highly encourage Inscribers to try to plan to be there next year if possible!

  9. Ruth, thanks for the sharing the highlights of the conference and the winners of this year's writing contest. (I didn't notice a Barnabas Fellowship winner ?)

    Congratulations to all who won prizes in this year's contest! Well deserved! Twirling in my computer chair in celebration for each one!

    Brenda Leyland

    1. Nina Morey is this year's Barnabas Fellowship winner. She is also our new FellowScript Columns Editor :)

  10. Thanks, Ruth, for the highlights and the photos! And congratulations to all contest winners! (By the way, I'm not from Victoria [I wish], but Langley, B.C.)

    1. Violet,
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I wish you could have been with us. Maybe next year? Thanks for correcting the information :)

  11. Thanks to the hard-working gals for creating a time and place where we can connect as writers. Like Tracy said, the friendships and fellowship are even more valuable than all the helpful information we gained. You are all my second family and I am so thankful for each one of you sisters (and there's a few brothers too).

    1. Pam,
      I'm glad you were able to attend. InScribe truly is like a family. Yes, we could use some more brothers in the crowd :)

  12. Janis and Loretta,
    Thank you for sharing your perspectives as first time attendees. I'm glad it was such a positive experience for both of you.


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