September 26, 2015

It Only Takes A Spark by Marnie Pohlmann

It only takes a spark to get a fire going…”
The spark that started the fire in my creative spirit was my teachers, as so many others have also shared on the blog this month. Although my second post on this blog described the influence of my Mom who laid a foundation of small kindling that could catch the spark, the teachers who commented on and encouraged my use of words gave what may have been the only positive approval I received in my early years. Throughout school, from elementary classes to college, I enjoyed the challenge of finding interesting ways to approach assignments while teachers and professors encouraged me to write beyond classroom work.

High school friends, too, fanned those flames. These girls were artistic in so many ways - drawing, painting, fashion, music, and words - yet they accepted my efforts and rejoiced over my successes. This helped me find the path of journal writing that later became a lifeline.

This post is published in the midst of the 2015 Inscribe Conference, and I must say that from my earlier days in Saskatoon with the His Imprint writers to my present time in the Peace Region, and participating in the Yahoo group and this blog, Inscribe members have been most encouraging to me. Modeling healthy writing habits, sharing struggles and successes, and gracefully encouraging writers, the men and women of Inscribe have invited me (and you) to walk alongside to benefit from them. I’m sure by the day of this post I will be overwhelmed by people and information gleaned at the conference, yet I will also be re-inspired to continue writing. Thank you so much for the Godly impact you are making! Being part of Inscribe is being witness to joyful fireworks from God’s writers!

At one time, God touched me with a burning coal, much like the writer describes in Isaiah 6. God provides forgiveness and cleanses my lips so I can be His messenger. Over the years, my passion for writing has both glowed bright and died down. I have sometimes avoided obedience to God’s call to write, yet He continues to develop His character in me until the time is right. I have not sent much out for publication, so do not have a collection of rejection slips - or acceptance letters. Still, deep red embers continue to burn in my gut, ready to burst into a new conflagration. 

God is stirring the fire in my life, throwing in twinges and twigs of ideas, and adding logs of learning. Even as life rains threaten to dampen the passion, God’s Word feeds the flame. When I look at the Psalmist, David, I am encouraged to keep burning, to keep writing. I may not go from struggling to praising God in a few verses, as David often writes, but the goal of my writing is to light a lamp by being transparent in sharing real life while showing the transformation of God’s grace which gives hope and peace.

It only takes a spark to get a fire going,
and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.
That's how it is with God's love once you've experienced it;
you spread his love to everyone;
you want to pass it on..”


  1. How encouraging to hear that your group of artistic friends were such a positive force for your writing in you school years. It's something we can tell our own teens and tweens - that they have the power to encourage and lift up their peers and make a difference that way. That's important information for kids to have!

  2. Once again YOUR words spark life in me! "throwing in twinges and twigs of ideas, and adding logs of learning." that is so lyrical! One day I will be privileged to read your BOOK... :)
    (Did I mention that Marnie just won too awards at the banquet last night?)

  3. Thanks Marnie; I feel a kinship with you in your writing journey as it is so similar to my own. I too have been greatly encouraged in the last couple of years through Inscribe. It was so nice to reconnect with you and congratulations on your accomplishments and awards you won. Each step leads to another and another twig on the fire. Great analogies.

  4. I hadn't thought of that song for a long time--but recently our writer's group (Writer's Cafe) took a trip up to Athabasca for our monthly meeting because one of our members is from there. Well, on the way home we sang a bunch of old songs and this was one of them. Since then it has entered my mind often and now here it is again. A reminder that we really do need to, "Pass it On."


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