July 06, 2015

Summer Time When the Writing is Easy (I wish) - Glynis Belec

 Ah. . .summer. Ah, yes, summer. 

     As I ponder what my summer writing life is like I come to the conclusion that it is just like my spring, fall and winter writing. Or at least it has to be, otherwise it it will fall into the category of non-existent! 

     As much as I would like to think that I could leisurely write, seated in the deck chair out back with my laptop in high gear, I know what will happen if I do. There will be birds singing, the weeds beckoning, the breeze relaxing, the sun ablazing, the neighbour's dog barking. 
     Then my mind will drift to a different place. 

     Then I will find myself flipping to a new screen writing out my to-do list. 

     Then I will find my brain consorting with the enemy of distraction. 

     Instead, I make out a list of things I need to accomplish on any given day and then I do my best to accomplish such. 

   Perhaps I don't let myself go outside and enjoy the lazy hazy days of summer because I know that will make me lazy and hazy. But I do enjoy the lazy hazy days of summer from another standpoint. It's the inspiration. When the windows are open, the breeze is light and the sun is warm on the panes, I feel a freshness and vitality that makes me want to clean out the cobwebs and really focus on and try to listen to what God has in mind. 

     So, maybe I can't rave about writing outside and enjoying God's creation firsthand, but I can rave about how God's hand first directs me to get my writing done; in my usual spot; undistracted; at my desk. When I venture to the great outdoors, then my mind can flip to idea mode instead of writing mode. 

     I still keep a notebook handy, though, to write down ideas or inspiration from the birds, the weeds, the croaking frogs, the neighbour's dog. One never knows when the muse will strike!

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.
Colossians 3:2.



  1. Glynis--Summer is my favourite season so I too find it the most inspirational. I wonder if that's true for people who prefer other seasons. I appreciate the verse too--keeping things in perspective. Thanks. (p.s. I had to hunt down who wrote this because you didn't put your name anywhere on this post. So I hope this really is you Glynis. hehehe)

  2. Oh my goodness you are correct. Thanks, Connie. Guilty as charged. Sorry about that. I will go in and edit!
    And you might just be right about other seasons for other folk! But glad we share the same love of summer!

    1. Don't worry! I already fixed it! :) fun post Glynis!

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  4. And I enjoyed the pictures, especially the girl's acrobatics. Maybe we do have to try the different positions of writing.

    1. Good idea, and it just so happens my very flexible granddaughter on these rocks is Jocelyn! :)

  5. My mind goes lazy and hazy out there do, but it is nice for a change of position and location. I would probably break in half if I tried the antics of the acrobats you are showing. Is that you taking a break on a rock?

  6. Hahaha! That's my very flexible granddaughter on the rocks in my back yard. Perhaps a lesson in how we should be flexible in our writing?


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