February 07, 2015

The Hope of Creating Something Beautiful – by Ramona Heikel

I love watching others create beauty in sight, sound or motion. In the past year or so, I have enjoyed Shakespeare in the Park; small jazz and oldies bands; our high school musical production of Cinderella; a gallery of Dr. Seuss art; watching and joining in a folk dance; and the Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys.  In each experience, I marveled at the talent and inspiration behind them, and grew excited to work on my own artistic pursuits.

Miniature kitchen from the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

Taking pictures while hiking or walking in a natural area clears my mind and fills it with the beauty of the micro and the macro--with few other thoughts--for hours.  Although it’s not my intention when I leave home with a camera, that focus and calm opens up my heart to creative inspiration.  As a bonus, it leaves me with possibilities to create something that will bring joy and gratitude to someone else, such as making my own greeting cards, or posting photos of God’s creative work on a website.

So I seek out the creativity of others for the sheer enjoyment of it.  And that often inspires my own creativity.  Maybe, I am also at the same time unintentionally, subconsciously seeking out opportunities to fill my artistic well, that author Julia Cameron writes about in The Artist’s Way.  Either way, it works!

I think my focus on writing, above all other arts, is inspired by that same desire to create something beautiful.  In this case, I want to create something beautiful in the mind of the one who reads it.  Originally, that first person was me.  I noticed this when I wrote some novels.  At the time, I couldn’t find what I wanted to read in others’ novels, so I tried writing one myself.  (Not as proficiently as most other writers, of course!  And I have since found more and more fiction authors who write exactly what I want to read.)

Flickr photo of Fish Creek Library by Raul Pacheco-Vega

My most consistent writing “date", especially in the cold months, is a trip to my local library.  The vastness of the open-air design and the 3-story-high windows welcome the sun’s rays and blue sky, or the calming sight of falling snow.  It satisfies my mid-winter longing for wide-open spaces, without having to fight the cold.  I spend some time people watching, studying the children playing with the life-sized chess game or the new colorful piano, and checking the New and Notables racks.  I may even make a trip up the three flights of stairs to the top floor to get some deep breaths and blood circulation.  Finally, I head to the 808.02 section to see if there are writing books I haven’t seen before.  By then my goal is to find an interesting writing prompt and a cushy chair near a window.

All of the people I’ve seen and conversations I’ve heard and inspiration I’ve inhaled have awakened my heart, senses, and mind.  Thoughts and ideas come streaming out, and I’m learning to let the words flow —without filtering, analyzing or editing. Any day that includes this kind of pure, joyful, open writing, with the hope of creating something beautiful, is a successful day!

Posted by Ramona


  1. Thanks Ramona, I like your definition of success in writing. Beautiful winter photo as well.

  2. Your thoughtful description of ways to seek creativity tweaked the question in my own mind. Where do I seek creativity? Do I seek it, or does it find me? What are the things that light that spark inside me? Am I proactive or reactive when it comes to creativity?

    Hmmm.... I have to go do some writing on this. Now. Thanks for lighting the match! :)

  3. I found myself saying, "Me too!" several times while reading this post! (Who doesn't LOVE Shakespeare in teh park?!) You are a true artist on the inside.

  4. Ramona, What a lovely post.

    I'm nodding my head as it reminds me so much of my own life. Like you, I love to seek out the creativity of others for the sheer enjoyment of it. To wonder and be in awe of the gifts of others that enrich us in so many ways.

    I'm ever in awe of people's faithfulness to their works of whatever kind that is -- music, art, literature, crafts, being entrepreneurs and creators. It always sparks my own desire to be faithful to my own creative pursuits and callings.

    Thanks, Ramona!


  5. Oh, Ramona, I love the word-picture of the Library you are describing. Our small-town Library may not be as elegant of open-spaced as that, but it has art and school kids coming and going. I might have to visit more often for writing.

    Although I love our small town atmosphere, sometimes I like to get lost in the anonymity of the big city when it comes to writing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I too enjoy seeking out the creativity of others for the sheer enjoyment...and then to let the words flow with joy. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  7. ....and YOU inspire me too! Wishing you all a very colorful writing month, no matter how gray it may look outside the window!


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