February 27, 2015

My First Artist's Date by Melanie Fischer

This term "Artist's date" is new to me. It has never crossed my mind to set aside time to become artistically rejuvenated. Apparently it is important though, because the Lord has been relentlessly pursuing me with obvious intentions of lassoing my overactive mind.

Exactly one week ago today I predictably perched myself in front of my computer screen. I nestled into the carved out corner of my basement and blankly gawked at my computer. My hands could not bring themselves to type, yet they were obedient to the call of my coffee addiction as they raised an oversized cup of lukewarm java to my lips over and over again.

Still...there was nothing.

Life circumstances had sucked up every morsel of inspiration and motivation. My mind and heart were left emptier than my mug.

How could I just sit here and come up with nothing?

The phone then rudely interrupted my self-scolding session. An overly hyper voice caught me off guard. My good friend explained at mock-speed that she was on the other line with her travel agent booking us a trip to a hot destination. Funny how moments ago I had not a drop of imagination inside of me yet I could conjure up the most colourfully creative reasons why I could not take a holiday. Her refusal to accept "no" as an answer landed me on a Mexican beach four days later.

From a perfectly positioned cafe table in an all-inclusive resort I overlook a sandy beach into a distant mountainous backdrop as I chuckle at this month’s blog topic. The heat of the sun, song of an unknown bird, laughter of children on the beach and rushing of waves against the shore has managed to restore my soul.

I had no idea how empty I was until I became full again.

I am quite certain that this will not be a typical artist’s date, but at least now I understand the importance of having them.

Thank you Lord for clearing my busy calendar (and my busy mind) in order to gift me with my first of many artist dates.


  1. Only our Lord could pick you up from that blank basement corner and drop you in Mexico! I love stories like this. He does know where we're at, where we're struggling, and He does have the answer. (I wonder if my answer will be Mexico as well??? LOL)

  2. I was right with you through the blank screen and coffee, and your description took me with you to Mexico as well. Thanks for refreshing me this morning :)

  3. 'I'm as empty as my mug." Great line. We all face these times. I'm in a bit of one myself at the moment... Hope you had a great holiday and come back refreshed and ready to write!

  4. Anonymous8:15 am GMT-7

    Don't you love God's perfect timing? And I love how you really only had the option to say yes!

  5. I liked your line 'empty as my mug'... and got blessed just reading about your friend's beautiful gift to you. Wonderful!

    A great post, Melanie!

  6. Although I had an inkling this artist's date was impending, and much-needed I'm sure, I am excited for you. Your friend and God knew you needed this break/artist's date before you did. How wonderful is that! He knew you had "not a drop of inspiration and motivation" left you. We need to trust and thank God for his omniscience.

  7. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and encouragement! Blessings on all of your Artist's dates.

  8. Aren't you thankful for those friends that won't take "no" for an answer? We need more of those kinds of friends to help us find inspiration and fill us up when we're empty. Those are God's gifts to us.

  9. Mexico! That was quite the artist's date, something very unexpected but it sounds like it was a good one. Have fun on your next date wherever God plans to put you...even if it's in your basement in front of your computer with just the words.

  10. And Melanie, I hope you will be able to "revisit" the actual experience many times from your home desk, and always remember God's tendency to give us little gifts at just the right moment!


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