February 14, 2015

My Artists Date & God’s Love by Bobbi Junior

How to re-energize? That’s the question of the month. 

For me, it’s usually as simple as waking up. During those quiet moments, snug in my quilted cocoon, my brain happily, wildly, vigorously composes words to apply to whatever writing project I may have been dreaming about. Now the challenge is to jump up and jot down a few key phrases so I don’t forget my early-morning brilliance between making coffee and my morning scripture reading. 

Scripture. That’s often my next energy-fix. 

Paul wasn’t kidding when he said God’s word is alive (Hebrews 4:12). Verses I’ve read umpteen times in the past suddenly take on a whole new meaning according to whatever circumstance I’m currently in, and I have no choice but to open a Scrivener page and follow this new train of thought through tangles and surprises until we reach its destination.

Finally, I get to open my e-mail where I find my daily devotional in the form of the InScribe Members Blog. The dual focus on God and writing shapes my attitude for the day. The opportunity to comment triggers thoughts I may not have explored before, and reading comments from my fellow InScribers opens my mind to a variety of perspectives, often taking my writerly soul off on a new tangent.  

Re-energize? In truth, there isn’t enough time in the day to catch up to myself! (I thank God I’m an early riser - generally before 5 a.m. -  because once all this is done, I have to head off to my day job.)

Today, though, I get to focus on a way to re-energize each and every one of us. I was tickled when I realized my scheduled post landed on Valentines Day.  For something a little different I decided to send out a call to those who are writing our 2015 InScribe blogs.

“In one sentence,” I asked, “tell me something about God’s love.” 

What encouragement I’ve received as their heartfelt words came to my inbox. For you, fellow InScriber, I ask that you add your own response in the comment section, because…

Our God is an Awesome God of Love
  • I'm so glad God's love never fails, never gives up, and never runs out.  ~ Tracy Krauss
  • In the struggles of daily life and in the concerns of extreme life, God's love brings peace that calms the soul.  ~ Marnie Pohlmann
  • God, in His great love, has always been waiting with open arms, no matter how many times I have been too busy, too distracted, or too complacent to draw near. ~ Steph Nickel
  • Love is always the answer . . .  to everything.  ~ Linda Aleta Tame
  • When I'm tired I find rest in His loving arms. ~ Terrie Lynne
  • When I don't know what I'm praying about, God does. ~ Bruce Atchison
  • (Love) like the energy that flows through the wires, I do not understand, but it brings the glow. ~ Jocelyn Faire
  • Knowing that God loves me, no matter what, reassures me, then gives me comfort, purpose and a desire to serve Him from the bottom of my heart. ~ Glynis Belec
  • What freedom it is to realize that God loves who I am and I don’t have to be anybody else.  ~ Joy Bailey
  • God's love is beyond written words, therefore I cannot write anything at all. ~ Melanie Fischer
  • God’s love remains firm, steadfast, and unchanging; no matter how much I fight against his wisdom in my life. ~ Bobbi Junior
This is my prayer for my fellow Word Warriors:  May God’s love fill our hearts to overflowing, so that it spills from our writing in ways we could never imagine. 

Now tell me, what does God’s love mean to you?

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  1. This was such a great idea to collect different thoughts on God's love. This was truly enlightening! What a valentine's day gift :) Thanks Bobbi!

  2. I loved this post, Bobbi. (And I fully admit that I feel just a teeny bit envious... I am an earl;y morning wanna-be... its not working...)

    I especially liked Bruce's response - when I don't know what I'm praying about God does. I hold on to that A LOT.

  3. Thank you for this encouraging message Bobbi! as I was reading it a line from an old song came to my mind. The line states, "He looked beyond my fault and saw my need!" A beautiful truth of the reality of God's love for His kids.
    Thank you again Bobbi. Keep on encouraging us!

  4. Just like Alan, I had the words of the song, "For you are my God." Since this song is based on Psalm 16, I looked it up and chose this line as my love verse to God.

    Vs. 5 from The Message: My choice is you, God, first and only. And now I find I'm your choice!

    If you have The Message, I recommend your reading this short but amazing 16th Psalm.

    Thanks for your wonderful idea, Bobbi!

  5. I love your God's-love lines, Alan and Sharon. Thanks for adding them to our list.

  6. I am truly grateful for God's unchanging love for me. He has recently reminded me who I am in Christ and for that I am thankful. Brilliant post, Bobbi!

  7. Great Valentine's Day post; enjoyed reading the love 'collection'. God *is* love; His love never changes; we love because He first loved us.

  8. I liked your line, about not having enough time to catch up to yourself.
    Great idea to collect the lines!

  9. I see your personality shine through this post--trying to catch up to yourself all day. Yes, I see you! And thanks for the beautiful focus (through you and others) on God's love and what it means.

  10. Bobbi you write so cheerfully and your upbeat words make me smile. What a great idea to have people contribute their ideas!


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