May 15, 2014

Who Is My Neighbor? Tracy Krauss

With this question, I am sure you are expecting some kind of reference to the story of the 'Good Samaritan'. While it is one of my favorite Bible stories, I'm actually going to tell you about a current writing project called NEIGHBORS - a series of short novella length stories that I'm writing published by Helping Hands Press.

This series is dedicated to anyone who has ever had to pull up stakes and move, or to anyone who feels like they don’t fit. As a person who has moved multiple times, I know how hard it can be. The good news is, if God is with you, you are always at home.

The story itself takes place in Calgary and was inspired by my love of 'people watching'. Airports, waiting rooms, shopping malls –these are ripe fields for the student of human nature. It was during one of these ‘research’ sessions that I started a list of possible characters that might make an appearance in one of my novels. As I began to flesh some of these people out, it dawned on me that I had an entire community. What if they lived in the same neighbourhood where they could interact? I soon realized that several characters had their own unique story to tell, perhaps not long enough for a full-length novel, but perfect for a series. Thus NEIGHBORS took shape.

To date, the first three volumes have been released and there are six more to come. Volume 1- New In the Neighborhood is about displaced rancher Lester Tibbett, who has moved to the city with his teenaged sister to get a job on a construction crew. Life is far more complicated than what he is used to, especially when he finds himself attracted to a mysterious woman who is out of his reach.

Volume 2 Stuck In the Neighborhood is told from Professor Sherri Chan's point of view. As the youngest member on the faculty of a small college, she has always taken pride in her ability to rise to any challenge, until her boyfriend proposes and her life goes into a tailspin.

In Volume 3 Sneaking Around the Neighborhood, Lester's younger sister Patsi gets into trouble when she starts hanging around with a rich friend from school and her handsome older brother.

Volume 4 Working the Neighborhood should be releasing this month and Volume 5 Back In the Neighborhood is in the production queue. Four more installments round out the series with the possibility of another entire book if all goes well.

I hope you enjoy meeting this varied, sometimes quirky, cast. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published author, playwright, artist and teacher, with several best selling and award winning novels to her credit. Tracy received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Saskatchewan with majors in Art, and minors in History and English. Apart from her many creative pursuits, she directs an amateur theater group and leads worship at her local church. She and her husband, an ordained minister, have lived in many remote and unique places in Canada's north, and currently live in northern British Columbia. For more visit her website:


  1. I love your hook, Tracy :) I'm also really enjoying this series. Thanks for sharing how you came up with the idea. It's always interesting to hear where authors find their inspiration.

  2. Hi Tracy. I've moved a few times myself over the years. It is a good feeling to know that wherever we are, God is there with us.

  3. I have always loved your characters. I am looking forward to reading, but haven't yet bought the first volume. Can I buy it for my Kindle?

  4. Looking forward to reading this. I love people too -- God's variety is astounding!

  5. Drats! Another series of books I now can't resist following. Would you authors stop it for awhile? My unread pile is tipping over!

    (Love the unique premise, Tracy. Meeting earlier characters in a later book will be like meeting a friend/enemy again!)


  6. Thanks for the encouragement, all. What I like about these short serialized novels is that they are short and easy to read in one sitting. (Pam - available on kindle yes) :)

  7. Isn't it wonderful where we find inspiration? Great premise and lovely thread throughout. I will be checking these out for my Kindle. Thanks for sharing what you are up to these days, Tracy!

  8. Congratulations, Tracy! I love to people watch, and can also relate to not fitting in, so I'm looking forward to finding them and reading some!

  9. People watching is particularly inspirational!

  10. This sounds like a great series, Tracy. Thanks for the tip about finding characters through people watching. I love people watching, but never thought to transport them into my stories.

  11. I have moved multiple times. And yes, it is true, if God is with you then you are always at home. Thanks for sharing your writing with us.


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