May 14, 2014

New Project by Pamela Mytroen

My new project is a blog. I am writing content for the first few posts and outlining several other ideas. I used to have a blog but deleted it because I couldn’t maintain it regularly. Now I’m busier. Go figure. But at least I have several ideas already sketched out so maybe I will stay the course this time.

My goal is to get people excited about Jesus and his Word! I have always loved teaching bible studies and writing devotionals. My plan is topical ‘stories’ in small chunks so as to encourage rather than overwhelm.

My Frustration: Because I have two jobs, some weeks I work 12 hour days at school and college and the next week I may only work 10 hours total. My writing loses its rhythm and I find it difficult to get back in tune again. I feel like I’m only inching forward; I had wanted to start my blog much sooner.

My other frustration is technology. It’s so challenging for me – I just don’t have the techie brain. I’m a word-nerd and that’s about it. Oh, and I love baking so I am going to include themed recipes on my blog too!

Here’s what my first post may look like:

In the Middle of a Mess:

God is seldom convenient. He never shows up once we have our act together. Quite the opposite. It seems that he delights in making an appearance when we are in the middle of a mess.

Consider his timely appearance in the garden. How embarrassing is this: You just had your first marital fight, realized that you are stark naked, and now you hear God calling your name, “Yoooooo-hoooooo . . . where aaaare youuuuuuuu?” Oh great.
Jesus made a miraculous appearance in the middle of a messy manger, at a time in history when poverty and sickness were rampant, and everyone breathed the same diseased air of political oppression. He ministered to the messy – the woman at the well, the tax-collectors, the clean-on-the-outside but rotten-on-the-inside Pharisees. It was no accident that he died centered between two thieves. He was always in the middle of our misery. Jesus didn’t wait for us to perfect ourselves but came and died for us while we were still deep in the muck and mire of our sin.

What are you in the middle of? Transitioning into a new role as spouse, parent or grand-parent? A sticky situation at work? Whatever the miasma, that’s when God loves to show up. Count on it. He’s faithful.

Don’t wait till you find your clothes. He’s seen it all before! Call him now. “Mess in the Melon Patch!” He’ll bring a new robe to cover you, and a hand to lift you up.

“For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness” Isaiah 61:10b

“While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:8b.

The next several posts will look at people who were caught in the middle: Four in the middle of murder, two in the middle of marital unfaithfulness, one in the middle of mayhem, and even one in the middle of, ahem, . . . menopause.
With each brief look, there will be a recipe because, other than God’s Word, there’s no place I’d rather be than in a muddle of measuring cups and molasses.

Pam Mytroen



  1. Thanks Pam.
    You captured my life at this moment.

  2. Oh He is in the middle of all our lives, isn't He? Can't wait for you to give us your link to your blog.

  3. Really enjoyed this. Your writing style is so easy to read and relate to. Thank-you for this reminder as we struggle through our 'messes'

    God bless you as you blog for Him!

  4. I'm glad God is always in the middle of the river of our lives. Thanks for the encouraging reminder.

  5. Nice to hear from you, Tammy, Janis, and Janet!

  6. Pam,
    I love the ideas you have and the way you're sharing them. Bravo for persevering in the midst of a hectic schedule. If you need some help with those techie questions, let me know. I'm always happy to share what I've learned :)

  7. Pam, I love your blog idea and you have such a unique way of writing. You tell it like it is but in such a kind way. Can't wait until you get your blog up and running.

  8. thank you Connie, Ruth, and Carol. I must say that your encouragement is very . . . encouraging! And I just might take you up on the technical side of things, Ruth!

  9. "He was always in the middle of our misery. Jesus didn’t wait for us to perfect ourselves but came and died for us while we were still deep in the muck and mire of our sin."
    I've been pondering this recently. It makes sense then that He was called the Man of Sorrows -- not just in the Garden of G but all His life, stuck as He was in the middle of the misery on every side.
    I like the idea of recipes (though I never read them unless there are pics!) Physical and spiritual food. Yum!

  10. Okay, Pam, that was funny and encouraging. And I loved how you say Jesus ministers to the messy. Oh how true. There is/was no waiting for us to 'get perfect.' Great post. Get writing and do send us that link. :)

  11. Congrats, Pam, and I'd say just keep writing and don't worry if you're writing as much as you "should" or if your momentum gets interrupted. As He is giving you the wisdom and the words to write, He will enable you to post as often as He wants. Relax and enjoy the inspiration and the joy of having your words touch people's lives.

  12. In the middle of .... well .... everything! Thanks Pam. I'm reminded that each of us is in the middle of something, and it's okay. Great way to present your blog posts!

  13. Thank you for your thoughts and advice, Linda, Ramona, Glynis, and Eleanor. Now that I've mentioned this blog I feel that I really need to get it going. I sure appreciate the encouragement!

  14. Delightful to read, I enjoy your style and the mess-age!

  15. Ha, ha, I never thought of that connection, Jocelyn! Good observation!


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