August 13, 2012

Writer's Block -- T. L. Wiens

I decided to take the Long Ridge Writer's Group's course on novel writing. I had already completed another course they offered and thoroughly enjoyed it. And that was out of my genre. Novel writing should be a breeze.

"Should be" and "are" are two proving to be distant islands without a view of one another. The problem is that my instructor has a very definite idea of what this book should be about and he is refusing to read what I put on the page beyond that context. That's where my writer's block comes into play. I want to pass the course but not at the expense of writing a manuscript that I hate. So I sit frozen in front of the computer clicking to my favorite websites, wasting my writing time.

As I dare to enter this post--this is about the most writing I've done in a month--I realize how similar my writer's block is to times when I've experienced spiritual blocks. I want to be a witness for Christ but somehow I just remain frozen.

What is the cure? I know for my spiritual walk it's Bible study and prayer. Making sure I'm focused on the right things. And maybe that's the cure for writer's block as well. Remembering why I write--to proclaim the Kingdom of God, who  I want to glorify--Jesus Christ and the purpose for writing-- to spread the gospel is the key to making sure I stay on track and the words keep flowing. The grades will have to take a backseat.


  1. Sorry to hear you're so frustrated with the course and the instructor. I'm taking the same course and have a very supportive instructor. Praying that God will guide you!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Have you considered talking to your instructor about this? If he doesn't listen, perhaps it's time to talk to the administrators. Have you shown this to your writing colleagues/writer's group? You can be merely tredding water in a situation like this. I Pray this works out for you, Tammy.

  4. Thanks Sharon. Great advice.
    I have tried to communicate with my instructor but he's difficult to communicate with--truly can only see the way he sees the story unfolding.
    I talked to the school as well. They suggested one more attempt and if things don't go well, they'll find me a new instructor. Not really what I want this far into the course but I'm not ruling it out.

  5. Dealing with instructors is a learning experience in itself! Sounds like you've decided to stick to what you believe and that's admirable!
    Press on!


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