August 01, 2012

Enter Our Book Giveaway....Winners Announced!

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Excerpt from Book Description on By New York Times' best-selling author and international speaker Cecil Murphey: The "must-have" resource for every writer. The perfect "retreat in a book" for writers' events, discussions, and conferences. Who You Are Determines What You Write. You have unique stories to tell the world, teachings and words that will inspire and encourage others. So what are you waiting for?

"We need to continue improving our writing skills, but in the process, we can't forget who we are. If we do, our voices become lifeless. The words may sound beautiful, but they won't express our true selves."~  Cec Murphey.

August 8th

A BIG thank you to everyone
who entered our Book Giveaway.

Congratulations to:

Carolyn Wilker
Kimberley Payne

Please contact Brenda with your mailing info
and we'll get your book in the mail!

For those of you who didn't win your free copy,
you can still own a copy by purchasing it
from our InScribe website - $15 CAN.

Two Copies to be Given Away!

 Here's how you can enter the Book Giveaway
for your chance to win one of these copies:
1. Leave a comment below indicating your interest in entering the contest, and your name is entered once.
2. Follow Us (sign in either with Google Friend or NetWorkedBlogs in the sidebar).  Let us know you've joined (or are already a Friend) and this gets your name entered again.

3. Sign up with 'Follow Us By E-Mail' and get new postings sent directly to your inbox -- and your name is entered a third time.

4. Post about the Giveaway on your own blog... tell us you've posted and leave us a link (we'll come visit)... and there's your fourth entry!

5.  Post about it on Facebook or Twitter and you've got five chances to win!  (Remember to tell us that you've posted there).
Check back then for the two winners!

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  1. Anonymous4:20 am GMT-7

    What a great idea and what a great book to giveaway!! I already follow by email but will gladly do the others and post on my blog at
    Brenda J Wood

  2. Anonymous4:26 am GMT-7

    P.S.!!! My blog automatically posts to Facebook! Extra brownie points don't you think!! :}
    Brenda J Wood
    Meeting Myself-Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind

  3. Though I've been writing awhile, I'm keen to learn Murphey's point of view on writing.

    I'm already a follower of the blog on Twitter, and followed Inscribe link this week to the current posting. I'll gladly post about it on twitter and my blog this week.

  4. This book looks like a fantastic prize, so I would like to enter. I have been commenting, but last night when I checked, my comments aren't included below those posts. I will try again using Brenda's instructions.

    Blog writers, I am not commenting just to get the prize, although I do want the book. I am commenting because I enjoyed reading your post. :-)

  5. Hey, I always like free stuff and this one sounds great. I already follow both by networked blogs and through email.

  6. Looks like a terrific book. Please enter me in the draw. Awesome posts here!

  7. Try this again.
    Sorry if the first attempt showed up and I can't find it.
    I would like to enter the contest. One can never have too many books on writing!

  8. Anonymous7:34 pm GMT-7

    I would like to join the contest. I already "like" Inscribe on FB and get the articles regularly. Sorry, no blog to promote from, but I will repost FB to see if more will see it.

  9. Hi 'Anonymous' Commenter... Glad for your interest in entering the Draw, but we will need your name to enter it into the draw.....

    Could you let us know? Thanks!

    Blog Moderator

  10. Oooh, contests are so much fun! And I've heard so much about this book. :) I'd love to win it. :)

  11. I'm subscribed via Google Friend Connect. :)

  12. And I tweeted the giveaway ( :)

  13. My writing needs to be unleashed. Sign me up!
    Pam M.

  14. P.S. I also mentioned you on fb and signed up for email. Thanks Brenda!!
    Pam M.

  15. Anonymous8:32 am GMT-7

    Cec Murphey is a wonderful writer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Please enter my name in the "draw box." :) Thanks!

  16. Anonymous9:01 am GMT-7

    Never one not to enter a contest - here I am.
    would love to get Cec's book.

  17. Lorna Schnell5:14 pm GMT-7

    I love getting free things. I would like to win, as I am out of reading material right now.

  18. I would love to win a copy of this book. Please enter me in the contest.

  19. I now follow you with google friend connect.

  20. I hope I'm not too late to enter! I met Cec at a Write! Canada conference years ago. I'd love to read his book.

    I've signed up to the Inscribe blog through Google Friend.


  21. count me in....Cec Murphy is the best. I'm signed in to Inscribe. :)

  22. I came to subscribe and found the contest too. Might be too late, but happy to subscribe at any rate.

  23. A BIG thank you to everyone who signed up for the Book Giveaway...16 signed up.... I'd say that's a good turnout!

    The two winners are:

    1. Carolyn Wilker
    2. Kimberley Payne

    CONGRATS to the both of you. If you can each e-mail me your mailing address, I'll pop your copy in the mail this week.

    Thanks again to everyone else who entered. And for those of you who joined or followed InScribe.

    Blog Moderator

    PS. For those of you who didn't win a free copy, you can buy the book ($15 CAN) from our InScribe website. The link is the sidebar on our front page.


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