August 22, 2012

My Comment An Answered Prayer -- Brenda Leyland

A fellow blogging friend emailed me to say that I was the answer to a prayer she'd prayed one morning!

Interesting thing about it all, I thought I was just minding my own business, for I had no idea that I'd stumbled into the stream of someone's earnest request to God when I decided to visit her blog and catch up on a few posts.

Knowing from my own experience just how important it is to find feedback in one's comment box, I took the time to not only read several posts, but to share some thoughts about how they had touched me in some way.

A very short time later, I found an e-mail from S~ saying that I couldn't have any idea what my comments meant to her that day. For that very morning, as she got up from bed, she asked the Lord to please have someone leave a comment so she could know for sure that somebody out there was reading her posts....

"What did I see... your e-mail with the comments -- an answer to my prayer as a confirmation. What more proof do we need to believe God hears our prayers? Aren't we so blessed to have such an awesome God who cares about even minute things like page-viewing!"

I felt blessed and honoured to have been a part of the Lord's answer to my friend's heart cry. I'm so glad I heeded the little nudge -- I could so easily have postponed or ignored it. It's also a good reminder for anyone who blogs that it really is worth the time it takes to leave comments and share a little feedback on the posts you read on other writers' blogs.

© Brenda C Leyland


  1. Isn't it interesting to find that you mentioning about me in you blog and me, about you in mine without even realizing it.
    But I only hope the readers don't mistake me for comments deprived blogger and start leaving comments in my box now onwards.
    It's because I noticed a number of pageviews for my personal blog-Precious Moments and In His Presence from countries like Russia, Germany,Britain, I wanted to know whether people from these countries are actually reading the posting or just clicking on the link.
    So, I asked the Lord that morning
    to send some confirmaation- a comment in my box, to say people around the globe are being blessed by my posting.
    That very morning, He blessed me to see your comment and confirmed that people are actually reading,and not clicking on the link.

  2. Sulo, I totally understand what you say about not 'needing' a comment but rather wanting a confirmation that the hits you were getting were actually people who came by to visit and read your gift of words.

    I guess what really spoke to me was that you'd specifically asked the Lord for that confirmation and He gave it....

    That's what's so precious.

  3. Very interesting blog Brenda. May I use it in Under the Cover of Prayer?

    For the first year I had comments disabled on Under the Cover of Prayer after listening an idea from Ann Voskamp.

    Then I realized that the commenting is where we get to know others and help and encourage others.

    I have now turned on the comments and they are varied and interesting. Some very good connections have come from these comments.

    Bless those who take the time to encourage, to discuss and to read the thoughts of others.


    I find it very frustrating commenting on blogger with my wordpress ID - it doesn't like the proving I am not a robot.
    I will log in through google.

  4. Jan, you are welcome to use it on your blog. Thanks for that feedback!

    I totally believe that comments are a necessary part of blogging. otherwise it's just a website. Blogging is that place and space in our cyber-world that allows us to connect to kindred hearts and minds.

    In fact, I tend to get more feedback from people in e-mails in response to the comments I leave on their postings than I sometimes get on my own postings!

    Leaving comments, for me, is one of my GREAT joys in blogging!

  5. there seems to be a theme... :)

  6. seems to be a theme... thanks for the reminder


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