June 21, 2012

A Life without Faith--Sulo Moorthy

Recently, my husband and I went out for supper with some of my husband's friends. It was then I met Steve, who professed to be an atheist. I imagined an atheist to be an arrogant, argumentative and annoying person to come across. But Steve was none of that. Even though he was well educated and knowledgeable on many subjects, he was humble and pleasant to talk to.

In the course of our conversation, when Steve learned that I'm a writer, he was curious to know what kind of writing I do. When I mentioned I do mostly Christian writing, he didn't try to switch onto another topic as I expected. Instead, he showed interest in reading my work, and asked me whether I could send him the link to my blog site. Thrilled by his interest,I e-mailed him the link to my personal blog Precious Moments as soon I returned home from the restaurant that night.

A few days later, I received an e-mail from Steve. He wrote to say, he had read many of my postings, and that he was impressed with my non-judgemental approach. He went on to say that,except for one thing, he agreed with most I had written. He pointed out that,we,theists,rely on Bible teaching or some religious doctrines for motivation to do anything good and right. Why need a God to motivate you, when you've got the conscience to do what's right. That's the one thing we both differ, Steve wrote.

I cannot deny the fact, how convincing Steve was in his reasoning. What if, he had hoped to convert me to his way of thinking? What if, I've allowed his thoughts to take root,and begin to doubt whatever I've believed so far. Having lived all my life believing in an awesome,but an invisible God,I had no clue how to face life as an atheist. What would I do, and not do?

I allowed my imagination to run in that direction and have some fun. If I believe there's no God, there's no need for prayer. So, I'd stop praying. Next I'd stop reading the Bible, thinking that it's full of made up stories, written mainly to convince and control people. Because there's no scientific proof or reliable evidence for any of these stories, I wouldn't want to waste my time in reading the so called Holy Book. I'd soon stop going to church.

My writing would soon come to a halt. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I'd be like a blind person groping in the dark, not knowing which way to go and what lays ahead of me. If I don't consider writing as my calling, it would be easy for me to give up on writing, when payment or recognition fail to come my way.

When faith walks out of my life in want of evidence, fear will wheel in, dragging along worry and skepticism with it. Without the security of eternal life and heavenly abode, my life would be wasted in hoarding unnecessary stuff here on earth. I may look cool and sound genius in airing my atheistic views, but I'd be considered a fool in the eyes of those up in heaven.

Stop! Something within me shouted. I felt like being choked, gasping for air. I couldn't allow my imagination go any further. Prayer is like breathing for me,a believer. If breathing is stopped, and my life support is removed, I'd be nothing but a spiritual corpse.

By putting myself outside the box, I did have some fun with my imagination. By doing so,I came to realize how easily I could take my God given privileges for granted. I may not have all the answers to convince my friend to view God as I do. But one day, we'll have all the evidences to convince even the most skeptic person on earth.

"I am squinting in a fog, peering through a mist.But it won't be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! I'll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees me, knowing Him directly just as He knows me!"
1 Corinthians 13:12 (THE MESSAGE)


  1. I like how you let your mind wander to the 'what if's'. It's a very creative thought process that's good for writing!

    Pam M.

  2. Thanks Pam. That's very encouraging.

  3. Sulo, I really like your original thought process. I think it's one of the ways we "meditate" on God's word. The atheist was drawn to your "sweet smelling fragrance" :) Thanks for a lovely post.


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