June 06, 2012

Writing What I Know... by Glynis M. Belec

The sun is like a cheery friend this morning. As I drive west, it's almost like my life is temporarily on count down. I don't sweat this because it is not the first time that I have made the long trek to the London Cancer Clinic. My last few check-ups were AOK so my assumption is that all is well once again and I remind myself that if it keeps up for another year and a half, I will be dancing my five year survivor jig.

I can't ignore these headaches, though, and am anticipating the 24 hour blood pressure monitoring that is scheduled to begin next week. My brain tells me to stop trying to make everything connect. I have no other signs and symptoms so how can it be a brain tumour? Okay. Stop...that's my writer brain shifting into overdrive connecting and imagining. Drama Queen. That's what they call me. I have a sign on my shelf to prove it.

When I write, I find it easy to follow the directives of the writing gurus who advise to 'write what you know.' Today I know about ovarian cancer. So I write about it. I also realize how blessed I was to be caught in the early stages. So I write about that, too; praying the words that I write will encourage, assure, inspire or help even one woman to be diagnosed early.  Some days I think I must sound obsessive in my thoughts about this so-called disease that whispers, yet I recall telling God that I wanted to not waste my cancer. I felt Him respond. The prod from God happened somewhere deep in my soul and from then on I needed to write about 'what I know.'

I recall reading an article written by John Piper in 2006. I particularly liked the part where he wrote:  

You will waste your cancer if you think that “beating” cancer means staying alive rather than cherishing Christ.
Satan’s and God’s designs in your cancer are not the same. Satan designs to destroy your love for Christ. God designs to deepen your love for Christ. Cancer does not win if you die. It wins if you fail to cherish Christ. God’s design is to wean you off the breast of the world and feast you on the sufficiency of Christ. It is meant to help you say and feel, “I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” And to know that therefore, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 3:8; 1:21).
It motivated me to lean on Jesus and to devote whatever and whenever I could by showing gratitude and raising awareness. I vowed to write about and to share how my cancer journey became my faith journey and I was determined to help women in the process.
So as I sit here today at the cancer clinic, waiting, waiting, waiting once again, I will do so in the power of Christ alone. When my oncologist reads the verdict, I will accept and comply, completely trusting.
Nope. I don't intend to waste my cancer any time soon. I will continue to write about it as long as I can and as long as people are interested! 
[An extra special blessing: I recently found out that my story in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider (which contains a snippet of my cancer/faith journey) has been short-listed three times.  I am honoured that someone thought my words worthy. For that I am thankful and to God be the glory...] 


  1. Addy Oberlin7:56 am GMT-7

    You have so much insight, Glynis. You need to share this. Even if it will comfort one person it was good to do it, and of course the Lord is behind all you writing.
    I had a scare last month (a period after 26 years). The word cancer was mentioned, but we are so thankful, that everything is normal. A D&C next month should fix it.
    We all live with challenges each moment of our life. I hope and pray that your headaches do not have a deeper connection. God be with you Glynis.

  2. Thank you for sharing your fears, Glynis, and for being so honest. Also, thank you for being such an example of surrender to Christ. That is a great comfort to me - I am also a drama Queen. My husband always says that I am not happy unless I have something to worry about!

    Pam M.

  3. I continue to pray that you will get many more good reports, Glynis. I only hope when circumstances buffet me like they have you, I'll be half the soldier you have been. You are my hero!

  4. Being conscious of our mission even in our pain and worries is a great mark of a committed christian.you are a great encouragement.Thanks .we pray for you


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