June 27, 2012

There's Always Room at the Writer's Retreat - Denise M. Ford

For every writer who from time to time needs some extra nurturing...  I imagined a letter sent directly from our Lord:

My friend, you need a little rest, take some time and enjoy a writer's retreat.

I've noticed that day by day you remain ever faithful, ever resilient, ever courageous, ever mindful of my spirit cherishing you.

As we have wandered together, I have held you in my loving arms of consolation, promising that you will continue to find comfort, peace, and love.

Dear friend, I celebrate your offering of words with my unconditional presence, my loving gentleness, my endless grace, and my boundless joy.

Remember I am always with you, so whenever you need to picture a peaceful visit in my company, come, and relax in my love, rejoice while we dance together through this life.

I hope you know that every day you can come and spend some time with me at the “Lord’s Laughter Retreat.” Pause for a while, pray with me, listen to my heartfelt words…

Welcome to my little cottage, come inside, shrug your coat, you'll feel cozy here… at home.

Oh, the door, well it may rattle a bit, the latch is gone you see, oh and be careful of that step, yes it is quite uneven with wear.

But do come in, feel free to collapse in a corner, unpack your packages, and pull off your boots.

I've got a fire blazing just in there; grab a chair, a pillow, or that little stool.  There, your chills will soon be gone!

Shake the dust from those boxes of games and play a few rounds with me.  Let's laugh at stories, cry over worries, offer up hopes and lay down fears.

Upstairs the bed is turned down for you, your favorite quilt and pillows are fluffed; I even found a few of those old books you like so well.

The candles have all been trimmed and stocked, burn them all night if you wish; I'll put them out if you nod off while reading.

There's a bell scattered here or there from room to room, use them when you need to call me for anything-- a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a box of chocolates.

Down the hall you see my desk scattered with pens and paper; use what you will, remember or anticipate, procrastinate or organize, the paper's the same!

Wander into my garden, the birds will greet you there; amongst the fragrant blossoms they'll guide you through the maze.

And if you like, at the garden's edge, choose a path you wish to explore.

Oh no, you can't possibly get lost; each path may seem a bit aimless, but they all end up back here sooner or later.

Besides, I've made the time to put together this survival kit, which you may take wherever you go.

Believe me, I double-checked the contents.

I would not send you without the appropriate gear.

Trust me, the maps are accurate, the compass exact.

Oh, in case you're still wondering,

I have walked each path; I know what lies ahead.

Believe me,

I would not send you without your

Trust in me.

But you know, don't you?

You can always come home!!

To read Denise's personal blog and writing website go to:   http://www.walkingwithdustyanddee.com/

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  1. Thank you for the lovely letter of invitation to rest and restore our writer's soul.


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