January 13, 2012

Telling Your Story - T. L. Wiens

I'm part of His Imprint Christian Writer's Group. Every year we host a conference. It's the only Christian writers conference I know of in Saskatchewan. We decided to add a writing contest to coincide with the day. This year, the submissions are essays to theme and our theme is "Telling Your Story."

It's got me thinking about where I began this journey with Jesus Christ. I don't get to share my story often. It's dramatic and for many, unbelievable. But I lived it and I know it happened. The people who knew me before and after know it happened.

It makes me sad that I can't share some of these very special and God glorifying events with fellow believers. It makes me wonder how many others can't tell the world how incredible and amazing God is!

I hope we get a lot of stories--in all different shapes and sizes. I wish we had time to read each one aloud at the conference to share the work God has done in lives. Maybe some of the entrants will allow us to publish their stories in our newsletter. That would be nice but most of all, I hope we will all share the good things God has done and praise Him even when the story might defy our logic.

If you're interested in entering the His Imprint Contest, you can see details at http://hisimprint.wordpress.com/writing-contest/


  1. It impresses me that these stories DO need to be written. I had in my library stories written by men who lived 300 years ago and they bless me today because they were written.
    Amazing how God works.
    Thank-you for sharing this.

  2. Thanks Charles. I love hearing testimonies whether they be original conversion accounts or events as we walk our journey with Christ.


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