January 23, 2012

Staying on Track - Dorothy Bentley

It's one thing to have a well-thought out plan. It's quiet another to hit a road block, only to discover later that God put it there.

God gives; God takes away.

I mentioned over the last couple of months how I lost my column when a new editor wanted to mix things up and cancel the columns of conservative family-friendly writers. Though it was a painful 'taking away' time, I hadn't gone more than about a month before the opportunity to begin a church newsletter fell into my lap. At first, it seemed like I was going back twenty years to the start of my public writing career, when I used to write for church newsletters. I reluctantly went ahead.

I didn't do much besides pray and wait to see who God would bring to help me. I spoke with each person God laid on my heart. Each one contributed something-- a story, a column, a photo, many hours of editing, and many-many hours of graphic design.

What I could have produced on my own would have been something that looked like I'd produced it twenty years ago!  What we ended up with instead, is a wonderful, quite professional looking magazine.

There is no way I could have done it alone!

And the best part gradually began happening at our meetings, as we informally discussed writing in general, ideas, and encouraged each other to keep at it. I now, most surprisingly, have a writing group. And more than one editor to help me refine my writing. I feel blessed beyond measure.

The other wonderful thing that has happened, is a sense that I need prayer support, and then doing something about it.

I've read in more than one book for writers that we all need that sort of spiritual support and cover. So because I'm not Francine Rivers, I decided the best way to get prayer support was to ask friends to pray for me, and I would, in return, support them in prayer daily, too. In addition, I offered to send them a weekly update on what is happening in my writing life, as well as a few personal items for prayer.

Since then, I have not felt like I am trying to walk through quick-sand in mukluks.

What a blessing God has brought about in my life!

Losing that column, which kept me busy writing each week, allowed me to write new things, with a new focus, for a new audience. It's now all about God, for God's people. I still don't know where all this is headed, but I am simply going to obey God and allow Him to lead the way.

His work is laying out the track for me.

My work is to stay on His track.

Here's the magazine, in case you'd like to have a look. It's in printing layout, so the pages are a little confusing.

I'm amazed by God's work in this!

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  1. Love the "mukluks in quicksand."

    Sounds like trying to replough tired pat answers, instead of breaking fresh ground.

    Others around us pull us out of the quicksand, so we can leave the mukluks to sink.

    Great blog

  2. Thanks for your comment, Bryan! (I guess I'm Canadian through and through.)

    I think the main thing God is teaching me through all this is how much we, as writers need community. And if it isn't available to us, to pray and ask God to create it for us. And He will.

    Blessings to you on your journey!

    Dee :)


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