January 27, 2012

Pathway of Faith - Denise M. Ford

I just completed an exercise for my current Bible study course. I had to create a timeline of a period in my life depicting my journey with Christ. I had to particularly note how faithful and intentional God has been toward me.

I decided to have a look over the 53 years of my life from as far back as I can recall. Now someone with a different personality probably would have taken out a ruler, drawn a straight line, marked off carefully measured spots to indicate the number of years that passed between each significant event. I admire anyone who might have decided to portray a lifeline like this. However, when I immersed myself in this activity I found my drawing became a winding, curving, descending, rising stroke of my pen. Happily I look at it now and see that it naturally followed a lovely loop upwards to show where I am at present. There, that’s me sort of wobbling back and forth on top of a high point, contemplating the future, pondering the past.

Perhaps some of you remember playing a game called Mr. Tip It. I assume it would be considered an antique by now since it’s well over 40 some years since I played it. At that time, I rated games by whether or not I could play them by myself if a friend or family member wasn’t around to keep me company. Mr. Tip It ranked as one of my favourites as I easily set up an imaginary group of players to join me. I moved those discs carefully from stack to stack, watching as the figure of Mr. Tip It swayed above on his precarious point. Would he or wouldn’t he tip over? How could I keep him balanced and continue to play?

As I review my journey with Christ over the years I am so thankful for the ways in which He met me even as I made mistakes, even as I toppled, even as I didn’t think it was the right time to try a writing plan.

As I set forth a plan for writing goals for this year, I’m feeling a bit like Mr. Tip It, waiting for the next turn to find out if I will be able to balance everything I want to do, or believe I am supposed to do. Will each item on my list slide carefully into place or will I find myself reconsidering whether or not I should attempt to add another challenge to my life.

Gotta love Mr. Tip It. He just swings around up there oblivious to his plight, letting those rings pull him one-way or the other. He has no idea when he’s going to fall or if he’s going to be picked up and given another chance to gain a steady position. Thankfully I do.

In the new updated 2012 version of my Mrs. Tip It game, I’m up there sitting on a solid rock, looking over my choices of what to do next. As I close my eyes I remind myself that on my travels I have gained strength and courage to continue by relying on the way prayer, trust and faith have always slid constantly into place throughout my life. As I consider which pathway to follow I know it won’t matter if I tumble down a dead-end, or crumble into a curve. I know I will be met with a loving hand that reaches out to me with a firm grasp, places me upright, waits for me to find my balance, and nods for me to take another turn.

Just as God has done to me, it is now time for me to meet Him on that Pathway of Faith, intentionally honoring Him with the talents and skills He has granted me. May I find my way on a trail that loops around and about, ever moving forward.

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