January 09, 2012

The Flowing Ink - Shirley S. Tye

Sometimes the words flow easily onto the paper, recreating the mini movie that dances through my mind. Changing a word is like focusing a lens; slowly the image becomes sharper and the characters take on a life of their own. It's exciting when others read the words I've written and see the same image. Even more exciting is when a reader or a listener responds with the emotion I hoped the words would invoke. But then add that excitement to the exhilaration of a published story that is paid...wow! I'm soaring above the clouds. What a feeling! What a high! It's that feeling that keeps me addicted to writing.

Do I get weary or discouraged with writing? No. However, I do get frustrated when I have difficulty formulating my thoughts onto paper. But I've had enough highs to keep me captivated and determined to reach that high again; to learn more; and to write a better story, a better devotional, a better article, a better whatever. I simply must write. And I must stay connected with other writers to hear about their successes and their dreams. They too keep me motivated.

Do I have writing goals for this year? Of, course! Are they realistic reachable goals? Who knows until I try? And try I will! I'll put my best pen forward so-to-speak and write a play for amateur theatre and ask a director, who I know, to read it and give me feedback. I enjoy live theatre. In 2011, I acted in a play and it helped me see what works and what doesn't work for amateur theatre. I'll finish writing the first draft of my adult novel and finish the last little bit of tweaking on my children's novel before sending it out to publishing houses. Somewhere there's a publisher interested in the story.

There are many other plans but for a few months most things are on hold while I finish writing a thesis for a BA in Christian Education/Counseling.

I'm excited about where God is leading me with the writing and this new career.

May you be blessed as you let the ink flow for the Lord.


  1. Love your analogy of writing down the movie in your mind or focusing your words as a person focuses a camera lens. Best of luck to you as you work toward your goals this year!

  2. All the best in 2012. I hope you realize some of your goals for the year

  3. May the Lord bless your efforts for His glory!


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