January 03, 2023

A is for Attitude ~ by Brenda J. Wood

 What is your attitude when you write? I wrote The Pregnant Pause of Grief in the first three months after my husband’s death. I carried heavy sadness and I knew I had to get it out of me, so that I could examine it and maybe free myself of it. Now that book helps multiple others, who struggle through those terrible ninety days? 

What good is a book written four years later when your grief is bearable, refined and structured? My attitude was grief and it poured out of me onto the pages. What help would it be to others if I wrote it while I had some measure of control? 

If I sit down to write my daily devotionals for Everydaychristian.com and I sparkle with happiness and joy, I find my writing to be light-hearted and encouraging. If the deadline looms and I am short-tempered and cranky, my writings turn out to be more corrective and demanding.

So, I ask you, what is your attitude when you write?

Our attitude tells our reader what we actually think. Suppose you are asked to write a positive article about abortion, but you are against abortion? Believe it or not, your undertones will weaken your words. Your audience will find your writings wishy-washy at best. You may gather facts, but facts do not an article make.

“Your attitudes toward writing can affect the strategies you use, how much time you spend on the subject, the quality of your instruction, and your willingness to try new strategies.

 Our attitude includes three things; what we believe, what we feel and how we behave.

Take my grief book for instance. Since I truly believe that God always does what is best for us. I wrote from that angle. As you might expect, my feelings filled my words and yes, I behaved as I believed.

We might call attitude the ‘tone’ of the piece. Call it as you will, our beliefs, feelings and behaviour will show in everything. Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Does it show in your scribbles? Are you a doubting Thomas? We will be able to tell.

Have you asked God for a ‘writing’ verse that speaks to your heart? 

This is mine: 

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. (Psalm 45:1 NIV)

It’s a perfect time, here in the beginning of the new year, to check your attitude at the door of January and move into a tone that suits who you really are. Friends, let it be a tone that encourages our audience instead of dragging them down.

Brenda J Wood has authored more than fifty books. She is a seasoned motivational speaker, who declares the Word of God with wisdom, humour, and common sense.


  1. Thank you, dear Brenda, for many good thoughts to mull over. Just as what we think determines who we are, our attitude powerfully influences what we write.
    May we ponder well before dipping pens in our inkwells.

  2. Much to munch on here, especially for those of us with less experience. Thanks, Brenda. (Love your writing verse.)

  3. Brenda, I loved your post. I could feel your 'attitude' in your words - encouraging, joyful, 'experience talking' confidence. I so enjoyed your take on the idea of attitude and its impact on our writing. Thanks so much! A great way to begin a new writing year.

  4. I love the verse you chose from Psalms. This has been my writing verse at times as well. "Attitude" was a great word choice, too. Well said. (or should I say, "Well written!")

  5. What a beautiful description of how our current attitude and mood affects our writing. How thoughtful to write: "Your attitudes toward writing can affect the strategies you use, how much time you spend on the subject, the quality of your instruction, and your willingness to try new strategies."

  6. "Your undertones will weaken your words." That's heavy stuff to think about. Thanks for this post, Brenda. I will be considering my attitude as I write from now on.


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