January 29, 2020

Winter Contest 2020!


Members Only ● Works Published in 2019

Deadline: Midnight March 1st, 2020

The InScribe Winter Contest is now open for submissions by InScribe members who had writing published in 2019.

Professional writers/judges will follow the rubrics posted on the InScribe website to mark and provide commentary on each piece. (If fewer than 4 submissions are received in a category, the category will be closed and fees will be returned). One prize of $100 will be awarded to the winning submission in each category. Prizes will be awarded by April 30, 2020, or sooner. Please check the publicly posted rubrics for your Winter Contest submissions.


·      Members in good standing (membership must be paid up)
·      All entries must have been published between January 1 and December 31 of 2019
·      Publication sources include magazines, anthologies, newspapers, online publications, etc.
·      Not accepted: online pieces that you self-published on your own online site. They must be published on a 3rd party site. 
·      Deadline March 1st, midnight, 2020.
·      Fee: $30 per entry by cheque (includes commentary by a professional writer/judge).
·      Email two copies of each piece to contests@inscribe.org by midnight March 1st, 2020
·      1) The first copy should be a scan of your published piece (or a link). It must clearly show your name as author, the date of publication, and name of publication (magazine etc.)
2). The second copy will be exactly the same piece but without your name, and without any photos, advertising, name of the publication source or any other distraction. Please block these out of the scanned piece. If that is not possible, then please re-type it into a Word or PDF Document. Do not put your name on it. This copy will be sent on to the judge. The goal is to make all pieces consistent in appearance, without advertising or pictures, and without the author’s name, to eliminate bias and distractions for the judges.  
·      Simultaneous submissions are acceptable
·      Multiple submissions welcomed—fees must accompany each entry
·      Mail entry fee cheque to InScribe, PO Box 68025, Edmonton ABT6C 4N6
·      Make cheques out to full name of InScribe Christian Writers’Fellowship
·      Subject field of your email: InScribe Winter Contest
·      Body of your email – two copies of your published piece, your name and all your contact info, and confirmation that your cheque will be mailed by March 1st at the latest.


·      Non-fiction
·      Poetry – free verse or rhymed
·      Fiction – Short Story or Drama Script
·      Devotional

Watch for more information and details to come on our website http://inscribe.org/contests/
Questions? Please direct them to contests@inscribe.org

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