July 12, 2019

Lessons in the Unexpected - Lorilee Guenter

My pen hovers in the air, frozen. Who am I to think my words, my images, my {fill in the blank} are worth sharing? I start a sentence then scratch it out. I put the paper aside as doubt rises.

As I continue my day, I am reminded of stories of God calling his people. Some protested like Moses. But I am not called to rescue a nation. I push aside the thoughts. Still more reminders come. Stories of places God skilled people for His work. What would have happened if the temple builders questioned the skills God gave them? What would happen if...? The internal dialogue continues.

I walk down a wooded path. Beauty all around points to God, our master creator. I pause to examine the patterns of broken bark and notice a new tree starting in the decay. Words build together as I collect images. Is it a poem fragment or the beginning of an essay? I do not know. I will not know unless I pick up my pen and set the words together. The walk continues. Today, tomorrow, next week, the story repeats with different prompts, different images and reminders. The words and ideas build one upon the other and still I hesitate.

When I pick up my pen because of “ME”, it remains frozen. I remember, yes, this is my topic. I also need to remember it is God who has given me an interest in connecting ideas in ways that make me think deeper, think differently. Others comment my bridging of ideas makes them think deeper. If I remember it is not me, but prompts from the Holy Spirit, the words flow. I do not know where they will go or why. I do know I can not do this on my own strength.

My words, my images, my {fill in the blank} are not worth sharing, not if I am running ahead of the Master Map Maker. They are not worth sharing if I stubbornly try to craft them on my own. There are so many reasons they are not worth sharing.

Our words, our images, our talents are worth sharing when we rely on a deepening connection with God through the Holy Spirit. They are worth sharing when we recognize the source of our skills. They are worth sharing when we remove our ego from the picture.

I hope I can remember next time I am tempted to try it my way.
Lorilee Guenter enjoys finding beauty in the overlooked. She alternates between using a pen and using a paintbrush to share what she sees and the lessons she is learning.


  1. God is all about us connecting with Him! Being critical is my ego talking, and I love your question regarding the temple builders. Imagine what they and we and all future generations would have missed out on if did not use their God-given skills!

  2. That you for this insightful and thought provoking post, Lorilee. I hope you can join us more often as a guest writer or even in the regular roster if you should decide to do so. God bless.

  3. How many times I have looked at length at a blank computer screen trying to find the words to the mental picture I have in my head. I so appreciated your post, Lorilee!

  4. I say a loud Amen to your line of Beauty all around points to a master creator-I also love the found beauty in the overlooked. Keep being prompted by the spirit!

  5. Looking for the beauty in the overlooked … I like that line. I love how He quickens our eyes to see the beauty found everywhere. I'm glad for your unique perspective in how you see our world. Please continue to share it with others.

  6. I remember an old CB radio saying. "I send my signal out 26 miles and the Lord does the rest." That's how I view my writing and I hope you do to. If nobody responds to my posts, at least I did my bit. If no editor likes or wants what I've written, at least I did my part. Like the words in a Kraftwerk song go, "I'm the transmitter, give information. You're the antenna, catching vibration."


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