October 14, 2018

Equipped: How God Prepared Me to Write My Latest Book - Ruth L. Snyder

God is amazing! When was the last time you stopped and worshipped Him—not because you wanted or needed anything, but because you just enjoy fellowshipping with Him so much?

As I look back at how God prepared me to write Equipped: Ephesians 6 Devotionals to Empower and Make You Victorious in Everyday Struggles, I am amazed at His grace and mercy, and humbled that He chooses to use weak earthly vessels like me to share His glorious message.

I first heard about God, my Heavenly Father, from my earthly parents. I heard them praying when people were afraid to come to church because lightening struck the giant tree where our church members met. I watched their example of standing firm in faith against witch doctors and their curses. I experienced God's financial provision for our family.

Jesus Christ became my personal Saviour when I confessed my sin and accepted His forgiveness as a five-year-old. Four years later, I attended school five hundred miles away from where my parents were working, and the "faith of my fathers" became my own faith in practical ways. Several years after that, I was challenged to stand firm in my faith while attending a Christian school where others made fun of my devotion to Jesus. Camp ministry during my high school summers provided many opportunities to share the gospel, nurture others in their faith, and play the piano by ear. During these years a couple of high school teachers encouraged me in my writing and gave me practical experience working on the school newsletter and yearbook. After graduation, I chose to attend Prairie Bible College, where the foundation of my faith was further strengthened. I was able to experience a variety of work including cleaning, supervising, doing computer work for a college teacher, and helping teachers rewrite course syllabi. When I finished college, I enjoyed working in the Prairie Book Room, where I learned how to place orders, track stock, and deal with frustrated customers.

Then God began the training in earnest. My husband and I experienced the confusion and pain of infertility and a miscarriage. My first published article, Gifts From A Loving God, chronicled our journey through loss into the incredible and challenging world of adopting children with special needs. My writing journey continued as I took courses from The Children's Institute of Literature, joined The Word Guild and InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship, entered contests and began blogging. This led to more opportunities for publication and eventually I wrote my first set of ebooks: Learn Twitter—10 Beginning Steps and Learn Twitter—10 Intermediate Steps. When people asked for a paperback version, I learned how to self-publish on Amazon with Twitter Decoded: Tips and Tools for Authors. My spiritual journey deepened as I experienced challenges in parenting, marriage, and leadership. My writing life and spiritual journey continued to intersect. God took me through deep waters where I knew I was helpless without Him: a prodigal child, separation from my husband, and my dad's struggle with dementia. Our daughter is now happily married and the mother of our first grandson. My husband and I have been reunited and are working on our marriage. My dad's struggle with dementia makes me look forward to heaven.

When God laid on my heart that I should write a devotional on spiritual warfare, based on Ephesians 6:10-18, I resisted. However, God's still, small voice persisted. (I share more detail in my devotional in the November 2018 issue of FellowScript.) Today the manuscript is in the final edits. My goal is to have the ebook and paperback available in November.

Are you writing a book? Tell us about it and share the story behind your work!

Sheila Webster and other executive members
presented me with this cross in 2016, which
reminds me to put on the full armour of God!

Ruth L. Snyder lives in northeastern Alberta with her husband and children. She writes in a variety of genres, sharing the lessons God is teaching her about walking with God, parenting, marriage, self publishing, and healthy living. Connect with Ruth at ruthlsnyder.com.


  1. Thank you, Ruth, for your candid and powerful testimony of how God has worked in your life. Your personal testimony is indeed the story behind, and the preparation for, the writing of Equipped: Ephesians 6 Devotionals to Empower and Make You Victorious in Everyday Struggles. Thank you for your obedience to God through the good times and the challenges of your journey.

    Did you know your name Ruth means "compassionate friend?"

  2. Sharon,
    I praise God for His faithfulness in my life. He never lets go :)

    Yes, I knew the meaning of my name. When you add my middle name (Lucile), the meaning is compassionate bringer of light. With God's help, I will fulfill my mandate!

  3. Your story (and YOU) are an inspiration to so many. Thank you for being so faithful through all your trials and continuing to stand for Jesus against the grain. Thanks, too, for being my friend. :)

  4. Tracy,
    I'm so glad we are sisters in Christ, and that we have grown closer to each other as Princess Warriors. Thank you for encouraging me, for praying with and for me, and for cheering me on. You are a blessing!

  5. It's good to hear your story, Ruth, and I'm so thankful for how you have persevered through difficult times. You're a great example! ♥️

  6. Thanks, Pam
    You're a great encouragement! Thanks for being there for me :)

  7. I'm so glad to hear that your devotional on spiritual warfare will be published soon, Ruth. I know that you put your heart and soul into writing it. I am certain that it will be a blessing to others as they read your testimony about your personal struggles and how they have brought you closer to God.

    1. Thanks, Nina
      I appreciate you and many others who have supported me in this journey by praying, giving feedback, and encouraging me.

  8. Thank you Ruth for sharing your stories that equip your writing. I often think of my daughter saying "she does not want to go through this much pain, without something good coming of it." You have done both!

  9. Jocelyn,
    I have discovered that when I’m willing to be vulnerable, God can use me. It is difficult to go through those painful places. No one enjoys pain, but sometimes that is the only thing that will make us who we need to be for God’s glory.

    Virtual hugs to your daughter. Looking back, I can now see how God worked through those painful times. Hopefully someday she will be able to do the same.

    I’m so glad you were able to come to conference this year!


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