December 03, 2017

Christmas Carol Countdown by Steph Beth Nickel

While the following songs may not all be carols (not technically at least), they are Christmas songs that point to Jesus. (All of these songs can be found on YouTube.)

In no particular order ...

10. Chris Tomlin's "Adore"

9. Mark Lowry's "Mary, Did You Know?"

8. Paul Baloche's "Newborn King"

7. Scotty Wilbanks and Jason Weeks's "Do Not Be Afraid"

6. David Hamilton, George Frederick Handel, and Aaron Shust's "Unto Us"

5. Lauren Daigle, Paul Mabury, and Paul Duncan's "Light of the World"

4. Mark Schultz, Bernie Helms, and Stephanie Lewis's "When Love Was Born"

3. Johnny Mathis's "What Child is This?"

2. David Meece's "One Small Child"

And this is definitely one of my favourites ...

1. Andrew Peterson's "Labor of Love":

What is your favourite Christmas song?


  1. There is so much inspiration at this time of year with the music, the lights etc. God bless you and yours!

  2. Such great songs. Mark Lowry's Mary Did You Know is one of my favourites! Thanks for the suggestions, Stephanie!

  3. I love your great selection, Steph, which is a tough job, because there are so many wonderful Christmas carols. I saw a TV ad the other day advertising something materialistic (Was it a car?) with the music and theme of Do You See What I See? I found this a crass misuse of this Christmas song. Do I have to watch more TV to catch that again so I know who the advertiser was? Sigh.

  4. I love the song Mary Did You Know. It's haunting in a beautiful way. I have to say that as a child and well into my adult years I never did appreciate Hark The Herald Angels Sing as I endured my classmates jeering me with 'GLOROROROR...IA' every year everywhere I went and then later listening to amateur singers literally butcher my name in song LOL...but as the years have passed I've come to appreciate it as one of my favorite Christmas Carols. I have learned to taunt back at anyone who makes fun of my name in song that I have the only name the Angels ever sang LOL!! Enjoyed your post and reminders of some amazing Christmas songs, some of which should, could be sang all year.


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