November 06, 2015

She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! by Glynis M. Belec

It’s funny how it happened. When I was a wee lass living in Scotland, the Beatles had just hit
the top of the pops and were taking the country by storm. I had Beatle tea-towels, Beatle wallpaper in my room, Beatle cups, Beatle records and whatever else sported the shiny faces of the Fab Four!

Shortly after that, I started taking a liking to writing songs and poetry – but especially songs. I fancied myself penning the next She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah for those Liverpudlian boys. My sister and I wrote what we thought would be chart topping hits, but they never made it outside our council house door.  Well maybe for a party piece or two for lovely relatives who were able to grin and bear it.

                But I never stopped trying. I scribbled poetry in my jotters and occasionally imagined what it would be like to be a writer. Then somewhere along the line, I forgot. But I still read. I lapped up books like Little Women, Little Men, What Katy Did Next, Beautiful Joe, all the Diana comics I could get my hands on and then every year I would get a Diana Annual for Christmas.

                In school I got good marks in classes that had to do with the languages, be it Latin, English, French. I began to fall in love with the formation of words and I desired to express myself on the written page. I dabbled throughout my teen years and got involved in drama – a wonderful way to share words aloud – although not my creations. However, I felt a definite leaning towards creativity.

When I came to Drayton, where I live now, I remember picking up the newspaper and reading an ad for a 12 week freelance writing course. I’d recently won a county wide writing contest that I had entered on a whim (actually I don’t think it was a whim now that I have discovered how God works!) But I started to fancy myself as a writer once again.

                It was an amazing learning experience. Over those 12 weeks, I realized how much I had to learn and how much I overused Beatle - and Simon & Garfunkle (gag) clichés, particularly in one piece I submitted for critique. One of the requirements for that piece, was to pen something about our spouse. I recall, with much chagrin now, the flavour of what I wrote. I remember talking about my husband being akin to a ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and how I had to learn to ‘Let It Be’ and ‘All We Needed Was Love!’ Oh my, Jean Neiderer (the lovely teacher who I am still trying desperately to locate so I can thank her – and apologize) must have laughed her editor head off. It must have been a Hard Day’s Night for her when she red marked that piece.

                But I’ve grown up a little now. I have not arrived in my writing life by any means. I never will because, like marriage and my Christian faith – there is always something to learn and room to grow. Instead, now I have a different motivation for writing. 
     When I began a beautiful relationship with the Lord in the fall of 1986 something happened. God opened up doors and my passion focused on writing for Him. I think I started to realize that we are not only given gifts, but we have a responsibility to use them wisely and for His glory. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17

      I can think of so many people and so many reasons for me to create a personal writing memorial, but the One who has the greatest influence on me and to whom I owe the most gratitude, is the One who sacrificed it all. And for sure, I know He loves me (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)


  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I couldn't get the tune out of my head the entire time I was reading your post. Too funny. I hope you locate the teacher you're looking for. I'm sure she would love to know where your writing has taken you.

  2. I know, Vickie. I would love to meet her again. You never know, though, do you?

  3. Your description of your essay about your spouse and the music references had me in tears I was laughing so hard. I too love S&G (they sang my pain, don't you know?!) and the Beatles (whose harmony was so easily mimicked!) Thx for the memories, Glynis.

  4. This line absolutely stood out to me. "I have not arrived in my writing life by any means. I never will because, like marriage and my Christian faith – there is always something to learn and room to grow. " Amen to that! I think coming to this realization is such a sign of actual maturity - for Christians, for spouses, and for writers.

  5. What a fabulous trip down memory lane. Thank you! I agree with Tracy - it's a beautiful thing to realize we are never finished learning and growing through our relationship with Christ.

  6. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! My husbandd is Scottish and his dad used to send our daughter the Diana Annual and our son the Beano Annual every Christmas.

    I loved the humor in this piece and like Tracy, the line that had impact was the one that started with , "I have not arrived in my writing life by any means..." He still has much to teach us.

  7. Oh man, I think I found a sister I never knew I had! Glynis, our hearts seems to beat alike! I grew up in Scotland, the land of my birth! I also began listening to the Beatles when Beatlemania began in 1963 or '64! Yes, I know I'm dating myself! I became a follower of Jesus in 1975 after studying with the Jehovah Witnesses for a year or two. I think my writing in the context of how The Beatles music, would reflect the song "Eleanor Rigby"!
    When it comes to my faith in He who loved lepers, I would say, after recognizing myself as one of the least of these, I find my greatest teachers in those near rhe end of their lives. I have to say, however, that your blog posts and energy, bring me joy and a sense of soul peace! I can't wait to meet you one day!

  8. Delightful piece, Glynis, thank-you. Cliches are easy to use, especially in over-use.

  9. Beautiful Glynis. Yes, He DOES love us! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

  10. Glynis, this is a delightful memory for all of us who grew up in various parts of the world at the same time and I so enjoy your perspective of the Beatles from "across the pond". I love it when you say, "I have not arrived in my writing life by any means...", because it is comforting to realize that our goal doesn't have to be to ARRIVE, but to keep GROWING--as we are!

  11. Great blog, Glynis. We do pick up those cliches all over the place and they roll on the page so fast you don't know what happened. Then you have to unlearn cliche talk, even if it sounded great with the Beatles. Thanks for sharing this story. Humour. Life lessons about what really matters.


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