June 22, 2015

What Is Beautiful To You? Alan Anderson

This is a simple little post but I trust it is worthwhile to give us cause to reflect a bit.

A lot goes on in life that may perplex or cause concern.  Some things may trouble our hearts so much that is seems things will never change or get better.  In spite of the many things in our world and in life that remind us of the ugliness of sinful human nature there is still beauty to behold.

Whatever became of beauty? Well, nothing!  Beauty is all around us and is really never far away. Where I live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia there is beauty in abundance.  For instance, I can look from my porch and see beautiful mountains covered by cedar trees and on a regular basis eagles fly overhead.  Now and again I can hear the eagles as it were calling to each other.  They provide some of the music of nature that God has set in motion for our pleasure.

Someone said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" What beauty do you behold? What is beautiful to you? What moves you so much that beautiful is all you can say about it?  What takes your breath away? What or who in your world, your life, is so breathtakingly beautiful that tears are brought to your eyes? What in your life causes you to be speechless due to the depth of its beauty? Perhaps you can take some time and ponder this. Perhaps you may pause just for a few minutes and glory in what is beautiful.  Breath, ponder and just "be" as you bask in beauty.

Writing is beautiful don’t you think?  When I read posts of our InScribe group I see beauty!  I see all sorts of writing coming from beautiful minds God has gifted.  Some of the writing is poignant and stirs the heart while some is funny and causes one to giggle or at least grin from ear to ear.  At times I’ve read something that has caused me to pause and reflect on my life.  Some writing is fiction and some non-fiction.  It is all beautiful and makes me grateful to be part of a group like this.  

It is also beautiful to know God loves us!  That may seem such a simple thing to say yet how profound it is also.  How beautiful it is to know and yes to feel the love of God.  I pray your life and the days you are given remind you of something beautiful!

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  1. Hi Alan, the call of beauty has been an inspiration for both of us this month. I heartily agree that beauty is everywhere, and as we tune our eyes to God's beauty, we behold not only the beauty, but the creator behind it. I like the breathe ponder and just be, in beauty.


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