June 19, 2015

His Pleasure and Mine by Joylene M. Bailey

When I write I feel my own pleasure.

But not always.

I love writing. I do. But it's not always fun. It doesn't always come easy. And though I usually get pleasure out of the end result, I don't always get pleasure out of the hard work it takes to get there.

My favourite times to write are when I am writing something for a specific person - a little story, a poem, song, or encouraging note. That brings me the most pleasure, and it mixes with God's pleasure then.

But that's not the only time I feel God's pleasure. As I pondered the question for this blog post, I realized ... I feel His pleasure when I write.

But it doesn't always feel the same.

When I press on through a difficult writing project, I feel He is pleased with me, the same way I am pleased when I watch my child persevere through something hard.

When I use my gift of writing - the gift He gave me to use - I feel His heart warm the same way my Mom's heart warmed when I passed on to my grandson the quilt she had made for my infant daughter.

When I take the time to glean through dictionaries and thesauruses in order to find the best-fitting word, I feel Him right there beside me cheering me on.

When I push past my fears and say YES to a writing assignment instead of cowering in a corner, I feel His pride in my courage.

When I use my gift to encourage another I feel His "well done".

When I am myself when I write and not trying to fit a mold or follow someone else's style, I feel the security of His unconditional love.

At Writers Cafe when we are sharing the writings we have just completed for the writing prompt and we are laughing or pondering as we take in and enjoy the unique voices and writing styles He has given each individual, I feel His joy.

His pleasure is there whenever I write. Because He created me to create, I feel His pleasure when I am fulfilling that purpose.
And that gives me pleasure.


  1. "He created me to create, I feel His pleasure when I am fulfilling that purpose." Joy, this reminds me that we are created in his image. That must mean that we're all created to create, and we are all created to seek pleasure - from what we do, and from God the Father. Hmmm.... In his image. God's image certainly isn't one of fear, or shame, or timidity, or self-reproach. In his image. I need to ponder that a bit more!

    1. So true Bobbi. Because we are created in His image, we are created to create - each of us in our own individual styles. The variety alone must bring Him so much pleasure.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I posted a quote on facebook not that long ago: "I create therefore I am." (not my quote). But it is so true. When we create we are who God has meant us to be and in that we feel His pleasure. Woohoooooo!

  3. Haha. Connie, your comment made me giggle.

  4. Very well written Joy! I loved this!


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