June 23, 2015

The Remedy by Lynn J Simpson

The sky was overcast and the wind was cool on my sandaled feet. I closed the hatch of my car, my camera bag and hiking boots locked now inside. It wasn't a beach day, but I was going anyways, to a lake I had never visited but one a friend had mentioned to me just the day before.

An adventure even though the GPS said it was only an hour drives from my suburban home.

A time out, not from my work or family or friends.

A time out from my own mind, a mind that is often spinning into the past and then imagining a future. Even, I must admit, having conversations. You know-those conversations you wish you had or maybe even hope to have with a particular someone if you ever get a chance? Hopes and expectations to resolve the conflict that you are the only one really having?

I was entrenched in the battle of my lifetime. The battle for my mind.

But the beauty of these times, these times where I really wonder if I am going crazy, is the Remedy. The remedy of becoming present in His presence. It is often at these times I feel His nudge to let go, surrender, and see.  Be present in His beauty.

An hour later I find myself on my belly, wild grass tickling my bare hands that grasp my camera. Dandelions frame my vision. Click. I rotate the lens. Click. Refocus. Click. And I see.

I see His perfection in the wildness of tangled grasses, feeling the solid ground under me. I see His perfection in the uneven dandelions, the colour schemes of purples, pinks, blues, and green. Perfection in the messiness of the scattered pine needles, gravel, and moss. I clear away a few pebbles that cover a wild mushroom.

And I wonder. I wish he would have..... And I hear, 'stay with Me, Lynn.' I shake my head slightly to clear. Stay with Me.

I look up from my lens into the wild grasses. And click.


  1. "Hopes and expectations to resolve the conflict that you are the only one really having?" I think you've caught a lot of us out with this statement, Lynn. It's a squirmer, for sure. But further on you redeem us when you say "I see His perfection in the wildness of tangled grasses". Tangled grasses. Doesn't that describe us just as well? But with Christ in us, we can have perfection too.

    Beautiful post.

  2. We need to be still at times, don't we, so that God can speak to us.

  3. Love this! Your words, your thoughts, your photos and your direction. :)

  4. The beauty of these times is the Remedy ... so well worded, the call of Beauty is to see God in it. I also love the 'perfection in the wildness of the tangled grasses.' Thank-you!

  5. "Being present in His presence." Great line and so true that the more we are in that frame of mind, the less we are thinking about what ifs and what will happen next. Thanks for the focus, Lynn. And I love your photography.


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