April 23, 2014

Welcome Home by Terrie Lynne

As you open the cabin door you're welcomed by the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns. It's like love is in the air. Your mouth begins to water as you anticipate that first bite.

You quickly remove your heavy backpack and jacket, sighing with relief from the burden that carrying all that weight has had on you. As you move to the centre of the room your eyes are captivated by the flames as they dance and flicker in the fireplace. The warmth from the glowing embers draws you closer.

You snuggle into your favourite  chair under a  soft  warm blanket. You reach over and take a  sip from a cup of steaming hot chocolate. It has never tasted so good.

Suddenly you hear that familiar voice, bringing comfort to your tired and weary heart.  The voice of love.  Your eyes fill with tears as you know you are finally in a safe place. You are home, and all is well with your soul.

I hope you enjoyed my posting. I thought I would just write the style of writing that I enjoy doing most. It's with the hope that I took you to a place that touched all of your senses and spoke into your heart. I believe it is said that if we can attach an emotion or feeling to what we are reading it settles into our heart a little easier. The Bible is filled with many scriptures that have this impact on us. My hope is that I can bring encouragement to a lost and hurting world by using this form of writing.

Pictures courtesy photostock.com


  1. Your words did their job, Terilyn. I am longing for the scene you described. Alas, I shall, instead, get myself together and start out on my busy day. (But I will do it with joy, because the Lord is good!)

  2. Terilyn,

    Yes, I did enjoy the way you drew us into your scene. I was involved and felt the comfort and coziness, a place to relax and rest.

    Keep writing what's in your heart... and it will touch those who need your message of encouragement and hope.

    Many blessings,

  3. I picture this to be like our welcoming to our FINAL home. "The voice of love. Your eyes fill with tears as you know you are finally in a safe place. You are home, and all is well with your soul."
    Beautiful imagery!
    Thank you

  4. I too thought of heaven like Melanie mentioned. A very welcoming piece Terilyn!
    Pam Mytroen

  5. This moved me to release the tears that have been brimming in my eyes today. Blessings, Terilyn Writer. The lively flames plus your words flickered into my heart.


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