April 06, 2014

Encouraged in the Lord by Glynis M. Belec

When I would write my weekly column in the Drayton Community News, one of the highest forms of encouragement for me was when someone would come up to me on the street, at church or in the store and say, "I really could relate to your column this week" or "I totally understand where you are coming from" or "Thanks for making me feel like I am not alone."

I wrote a weekly humorous, slice of life editorial, that often focused on my family, for over eleven wonderful years. Admittedly, my original motivation for my writing was to be published and earn a little bit of cash in the process. But I soon discovered, that God was prodding me in some interesting directions. I was a babe in the Word. A new believer. A Jesus girl.

As I look back now I see an interesting pattern. I had given my heart to the Lord and in return he had unleashed my gift. Before I knew it I was sharing my heart and words through the Community News and as a sideline, others were being encouraged and because they were being encouraged, so was I. It was a beautiful cycle orchestrated by God. I miss writing that column, but I know it was a beginning and a base for something greater. I gained experience and confidence. People began to see me as a writer and their expectation from my column was to laugh with me about life's foibles to be encouraged and inspired. Life was good.

When I stop to ponder today what I would like readers to get out of my writing, my thoughts have not changed. I love it when someone remarks about how they were encouraged by my words. I especially love it when they intimate the blessings of God.

My latest children's book, Mrs. B Has Cancer , is the new kid on the block and when I get feedback from children about something specific in the book, I am head over heels grateful to God for prodding me into action and getting that done. Again, with this book, I want children to be encouraged and find hope.

The original prompt (quote by Frederick Buechner) "I wish that I had told my writing students to give some thought to what they wanted their books to make happen inside the people who read them" is a great statement to put before the mind's eye of every writer.

We, ultimately, have no control over the response of our readers, but what a wonderful discovery it is realizing God not only blessed me, as a writer, with a passion to express myself in such a way, He also dished out a double blessing when a reader of my words says, 'Thank you. [That] touched my heart!' Now THAT's encouragement that spurs me into action. Thanks be to God!


  1. First of all, your grandbaby is gorgeous. What a sweetheart!

    What a special gift for a new believer, to have Jesus open a door to you writing a column, to build the skills and confidence and the voice you draw on now as you share a story as heavy-duty as Mrs. B. I can see how it would take 11 yrs of training before God would have you ready for such a privileged task.

    I look forward to reading Mrs. B. Is it an e-book?

  2. Frederick's quote is wonderful. I enjoyed hearing about this part of your journey and I wish you much success with the book - I like the cover!

  3. Beautiful the way the Spirit directs us to do something which turns into something greater for Him. I LOVE the fact that He knows the big picture for our lives. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey.

  4. What an encouraging story, Glynis. God has blessed you with the gift and love of writing. He has obviously blessed your writing so that you can encourage your readers.

    You have encouraged us with your Word Challenges, Glynis, and with the work you've accomplished in your writing. I clicked on your link for Mrs. B. Has Cancer and found other great examples of your writing. May God continue guiding you to guide others through your writing.

  5. Even your piece about what you want to have happen inside your readers was encouraging! I hadn't thought about that cycle of God's work in us - writing to encourage - responses, in turn, encouraging us. It really is a clever set up! Thanks for this, Glynis.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement. It's wonderful to hear how God has and is using your talent to reach people.

  7. I love how our Inscribe writers are sharing about their growth as writers, how we all started out with one goal in mind, but grew as we wrote. I still love it too when somebody appreciates something I've written. It's never quite how I imagine it - they always get something different out of it than I planned, but that's how big our God is. He takes our writing and applies it to people's hearts where they need it most. I agree with you - Thanks Be To God!
    Pam Mytroen


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