November 07, 2015

The Beginning of Something Great – Ramona Heikel

In the rare, calm moments when I take an objective look at my writing goals, I sometimes get discouraged because I wish I could write more.  But then I think to myself, “Well, at least I’m writing consistently.  Thank goodness I have to write a post every month for the Inscribe Writers blog!” 

Now don’t get me wrong.  It sounds like I resent it, but “have to” actually means

“I don’t want to let down my fellow Inscribians,
so it is mandatory
—right now, today—
that I clear off a space  in my cluttered
and mind
to do what I love:

And not just write, but also rewrite, edit and complete an article.  Sometimes this blog post is the only writing I do in a month, and even if I need to squeeze it into a full schedule, it always gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment.  It’s also a way to connect with my writing community, to learn, to be inspired and encouraged, and to give back.

As I was looking for inspiration for this month’s post, I went to my Inspiration Binder.  I organize myself with binders: binders full of marketing information, articles or notes that help me with aspects of writing and editing, research I’ve done, works in progress, and yes, even a binder called “Inspiring”.  You can see it here (showing my sophisticated binder labeling system!):

Inside the Inspiring binder I have, front and center, an Inscribe blog article by Marcia Laycock entitled “Lessons from Pompeii”, which I re-read now and then to remind me of what’s most important (the condition of my heart before God).  I also have Christmas cards received from two magazines that published my work, notes and articles that first encouraged me to write, and “keepers” from various writing workshops, among many other words that motivate and guide me.

Inside the front pocket is a bookmark, which reminds me of my first Inscribe conference, where I got to meet many of you lovely people in person for the first time.  I signed up for the 2009 Fall Conference mainly because I wanted to hear what the keynote speaker had to say.  I’d long admired Jane Kirkpatrick, and was very excited to see her in person.  She was an excellent teacher and encourager of writers, and when she sat at a table to learn from other speakers, she became one of us.  I was lucky enough to sit beside her at a table, and chat (and laugh) with her one-on-one for quite a long time.  I’ve never forgotten her advice: to talk back to the gremlins that sit on my shoulder and cackle and tell me that my writing is no good!

Since then I have been constantly encouraged and enlightened by you, my fellow members!  Reading through Fellowscript does more of the same, and I love the new contests, writing possibilities, and the Calgary conferences.  As I pondered exactly how to compose my memories in a post this month, I received my impetus from Sandi Somers’ post about the history of our organization, especially her questions at the end—thanks Sandi!

One of the ways I see God working again and again in my writing experiences is through Inscribe.  Seeing Jane’s smiling face on my keepsake autographed bookmark reminds me of when that blessing began.

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  1. Best labelling system ever, Ramona. I use the same one. And I love hearing your writing story. We all have one, don't we? And they're as individual as we are. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Ramona-I loved the way you visually set off those 9 lines, very appealing. I too am thankful for the writing commitment that Inscribe provides, and the encouragement from fellow sojourners, or would that be soul-writers?

  3. I'm glad you found InScribe and that we can be an encouragement to each other. Your post, Ramona, is also an inspiration to me. Thanks.

  4. I too have to remember to do what your poem says, Ramona. Forgive me for making your message so generic for I, like Jocelyn and others, I'm sure, like the way you have set these nine lines off in poetic form. I'm putting all of our names on this message when I said that each of us needs to clear off a space in our cluttered schedules, desks, and minds to do what we love: write!” Let's hold that thought in a sacred spot in our hearts.

    Thanks also for sharing how Jane Kirkpatrick, eager to learn, sat beside you, laughed and chatted with you and became an attentive attendees at the 2009 conference, one that I missed.


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