November 09, 2015

Detours and Memory Lane - Shirley S. Tye

Writing started out as one thing for me, evolved into something else, and then changed again.  In my early thirties, writing began as an adventure on the road to fame and fortune.  Unfortunately, I never found that road; I got sidetracked by a detour.   

After my writing improved some, God called me to be an encourager.  So I headed down another road, teaching and encouraging others through storytelling.  Some stories were humourous and were published.  Other stories I told to audiences which provided about a half hour of laughter that helped them to forget their troubles and ailments; at least for those few minutes. It was fun and rewarding work.

While doing the storytelling, I also worked as a freelance writer.  That was great fun, too.  I enjoyed meeting and interviewing people; business owners; hobbyists; artists; local politicians.  Although my name was in print, it didn’t lead down that road of fame and fortune. 

Then one day, I heard about the passing of a friend.  I hadn’t seen him for several years because a great distance separated us.  I wondered if he ever accepted Jesus as his Saviour.  Was there something I could have or should have done or said?  The thought troubled me, leaving me feeling that I’d failed him and God.  Oh, I know I can’t force anyone to accept Christ.  My responsibility isn’t they’re acceptance but simply telling others about the ‘Good News’.  We’ve all been given the Great Commission.  What was I doing about it? That’s when I decided to travel down the road of inspiration again and I began writing a blog of encouragement and teaching.  Basically the type of writing I had been doing with the storytelling.  I worked at it for a while but soon was sidetracked by another detour.  It’s high time to get back at it.  One never knows who might read it, be encouraged, learn, be drawn to Christ. “A wholesome (healing) tongue is a tree of life.” (Proverbs 15:4)  Lord, keep me from getting sidetracked by another detour.    


  1. thanks for sharing your journey

  2. That is the beauty (and the mystery) of our writing: we never know who might read it and "be encouraged, learn, be drawn to Christ." And your verse is an excellent calling for us all. Thanks Shirley.

  3. You've echoed my level of writing as well, Shirley. Put it out there in obedience to the Lord, share his love and encouragement, and let him bring the readers. There are many different directions Christian writers are called to travel, and at different times in your livces, but we all glorify the same God!

  4. Anonymous8:37 am GMT-7

    Yes, detours do come up. But I think often the detours teach us and we are stronger when entering the road God is leading us on, walking with us. Thank you for obeying His nudges!

  5. And thank the Lord, He is the God of detours ...

  6. Shirley, I am inspired by your obedience and flexibility and kind heart!


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