September 14, 2015

How Creativity Avoided Death - Bobbi Junior

As a young teen, journalling was writing unleashed, a means to try to make sense of the confusion that came from living in a family functioning on half-truths and unshared motives. No one was going to read what I wrote. Consequently ideas were free to flow independent of a censuring inner-editor.

In Grade 11 my English Lit teacher assigned a poem using personification. My bitter self rose to the challenge.
     Mr. School is one of the better citizens of this fair town of ours;
     Keeping students busy throughout the day, and in general out of the way.

Sarcasm dripped, but Mrs Moar was gracious.  “Well written” she scribbled on the page in red, “but I hope this isn’t how you really feel.”  

It was, but that was irrelevant. I held her ‘Well written’ in my heart.

In most areas of my life, I was perceived as a failure, a troubled youth, a disappointment. My writing was private, though. People critiqued me, but never my writing. Was God protecting it, a seed he would begin to grow when the environment changed? Looking back, I think there's truth in that. My creative spirit and it’s expression through writing was his gift to me. My desire now is that I honour him and all he’s done as I exercise that gift.

To God be the glory!


  1. I'm so glad He protected your writing!

  2. Your creative spirit and it's expression through writing are a gift to many. May you continue to honour God and all he's done as you exercise your gift.

  3. How beautiful that God protected you and gave you a teacher who said, "Well written!"

  4. I hear you. I hear you. I hear you. We have some things in common for sure. "Writing unleashed." Oh how a journal can be such a release in those dark places. And "Well written." Two words that live on inside of you. Love your honesty!

  5. I'm so glad your teacher's "well written" stayed hidden in your heart for the future and that God protected you and is now using you in such mighty ways. His ways are perfect.

  6. I wonder how many of us have something hidden inside that the Lord's been protecting for such a time as this? May we all seek for him to unleash that which is still dormant, in the right time.

  7. Anonymous5:07 am GMT-7

    Yes, to God be the glory! And your path has led to a glorifying Him just as He wanted for you.


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