July 25, 2015

Pop Goes The Summer by Vickie Stam

   "When they sprout leaves, you can see for    yourselves and know that summer is near."

                  Luke 21:30

Every summer I can't wait to expose my feet! I like to feel the sand between my toes and the cool water from the lake wash over them. I like to let my feet bask in the sun and you can be sure my toe nails will be sporting a bright colour nail polish; one that almost pops into the next county. I'm ready for my winter shoes to trade places with my favourite flip-flips. As soon as I slip them on, they feel so good! And yes, it's true.... I'm as "happy as a lark." Summer is here!

But not everyone feels the way I do. In fact, I have friends who clearly think I'm nuts. They don't appreciate the summer. "It's like an oven out there!" "I'm sweltering in this heat." "We need a good storm to break the humidity." Blah, blah, blah.

Good grief, can't they see the beauty of summer. It goes by so quickly! Don't they look forward to hauling out the lawn chairs, the table, the lounger or whatever it takes to get their deck looking ship-shape for summer. Don't they enjoy the sound of birds singing, the colours that pop when all the flowers are in full bloom or cutting the grass? Well maybe not cutting the grass.       

Yes, I know it's the hottest of Canada's four seasons. Still, I embrace it, especially the longer days. I love the early morning sunrise and late sunsets, the walks on the beach, the occasional day trips, playing a game or two of lawn bowling, spending time a the lake, camp fires and having friends pop over for a BBQ. My list could go on but I'll do my friends a favour and stop. I just can't understand what's not to like about it.

And now I guess your wondering where I find the time to write when I love summer so much and can't wait to fill it with so many wonderful things to do. 

For me, summer writing mainly happens between the pages of my journal. 

The writing classes I enjoy taking are on hiatus as are the bible study groups in my church. Schools and Universities wind down for the summer and people book holidays. 

Summer really is my favourite time of the year.

"Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don't they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers."
                                    ----Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine





  1. Love your first sentence! 'Expose my feet'. A terrific hook. And your enthusiasm for summer explodes in your words. Well said, Vickie

  2. I agree that there is joy in being able to show off bright toenail polish in the summer! Thanks for sharing your joy of summer through your words.

  3. yeah for summer! I love the imagery that you were able to get with this post. (And Ray Bradbury's quote at the end is charming... who knew he could be charming?!?)

  4. Lovely! I love summer too, and you made me realize just how much. Love the quote at the end.

  5. Summer is my favourite too. I even like cutting the grass And thanks for sharing the great Bradbury quote.

  6. Vickie, I adore the Ray Bradbury quote! A very relaxing post--have a lovely barefoot summer!


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