June 03, 2015

When Writing is a Calling by Steph Beth Nickel

Could you not write?

I've heard that question more than once and I've given it quite a bit of thought.

Could I not write another blog post? I suppose.

Could I not write another poem? Most likely.

Could I not write those novels that are bee-bopping around in my head? Without a doubt.

But could I set aside writing all together? Now that's another story.

I didn't set out to co-author a memoir and yet that's how God led. It was my honour to help Deb Willows tell her story. And much to our surprise, it was shortlisted for this year's The Word Awards. That announcement struck me as surreal actually. (You can purchase Living Beyond My Circumstances from Castle Quay Books and other online and physical bookstores.)

A number of month ago Ron Hughes contacted me to know if I knew of anyone who might be interested in contributing to HopeStreamRadio. As is typical, I jumped in with both feet. This daily podcast seemed the perfect place to share a series of devotionals based on the gospel of John, which I titled "If You Love Me . . ." 

When I completed this series, I asked Ron what he thought I should write about next. I am currently working on "Family Life Lessons," using both Old and New Testament passages for inspiration.

I also upload two book reviews each month.

Did I have previous experience in devotional writing? Only a little.

Did I have previous broadcasting experience? None.

Is this a door God opened for me? I have no doubt. In fact, it is one of those things I just know He wants me to do.

Both of these opportunities plus the opportunity to co-teach the Creative Nonfiction Intensive at Write Canada this month made me feel like this . . . 

Not very spiritual, huh? (grin)

Do I believe, from past and present experiences, that God has called me to write? Absolutely.

Therefore, could I not write? As long as I feel it is what God would have me do, the answer must be a resounding NO!

How about you? Could you not write? Why or why not?


  1. So well put, Steph. In our own strength, we CAN not write. But if God's putting that desire in our hearts, and when His time is right, opening doors, why would we not? Following Him is more exciting than following any Action Hero I know of!

  2. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!

  3. I loved reading about how God has opened doors for you. I have had some amazing writing doors opened in the past...then closed...now banging my head on doors that don't open LOL!! But still I've noticed that I find a way to write...however small...because it's what I do. Happy for you for your open doors :) Blessings.

  4. Sorry, I couldn't resist this. I could not not write. You can add the punctuation. :)

  5. Passion to write is a gift. Your gift shines through in all that you do young lady. And it inspires others (me included). . .great words; thank you.

  6. I find this VERY encouraging, Steph! You're taking all my excuses and throwing them out the door and then facing me toward God with all his promises. Most appreciated!

  7. I think part of me would shrivel up and die if I could not write. So often the spiritual connects with the physical as I write. And I process life as I write. How would I process life if I could not write? How would I see God in all things if I could not write? Thinking about it makes me sad. But then, I remember that is NOT the case and then I am happy, happy, happy.

  8. I say, Ditto!, to Ramona Heikel's comment above. Thanks for the post, Stephanie.


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