April 27, 2014

Give Them What? By Ruth Sakstad

What do I want my writing to make happen inside my readers? That is a very good question.

I want my readers to come away with similar things that I want whenever I read a book, essay, or devotional. I want them to find hope and encouragement. Heaven forbid that my writing causes someone to feel discouraged or hopeless after reading something I have written.

I also want my future novel readers to feel satisfied that they have read a good story and would like to read more.

I would also like it if my readers are challenged by my writing.

Lately I have been reading some new authors and the thing that makes me want to read more of their work is because they have given me hope, encouragement or they have satisfied me with a good well rounded story. They have given me hope that I can do the same thing for my readers. They have encouraged me to take those sometimes hard and challenging steps into the unknown.

I have learned that life is too short to read crappy writing. Therefore if I want people to read my stuff, I have to give them quality. Not necessarily quantity.


  1. Hi Ruth,

    You have such a clear understanding of what you desire your writing to do for your readers. That's awesome!

    I'll be looking forward to that future novel you mention.

    Wishing you hope and encouragement as you write this week.


  2. I believe we have similar desires for our readers. Glad you know what you want to convey to your readers.

  3. You are right about life being too short to read crappy writing. I like your brief description of what you want to do for your writers. Thank you Ruth!
    Pam Mytroen

  4. Short, sweet and to the point!! I love it. This certainly inspires me to write quality work for my readers :) Thanks Ruth!

  5. My thoughts exactly! And I love this: "...life is too short to read crappy writing." LOL I hadn't thought of those particular words but I've never continued reading a book I didn't like, either. What a waste of time! I look forward to reading anything you've written. I haven't stopped by often enough, and I'm sorry. I'm trying to keep a better time-management schedule. I'll let you know how that goes! :)

  6. Ruth,
    "life is too short to read crappy writing." I think I've said those exact words. I have no problem with starting a book and then tossing it if it's poorly written. I'm glad there are others out there who feel the same. Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. It's good to wonder about what we want to give to our readers, isn't it? I think this is a fine way to begin our writing journey. Not only does it help to define our audience, but it helps us to focus on how to say what we want to say. Great post.

  8. I, too, am quick to reject a book with crappy writing. I have to say, though, that I have read some books where the writing isn't very well crafted, but the story, particularly if it's a memoir or autobiography, is important enough to push past the writing. Those books make me more aware, though, of how important it is to hone my craft!


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