Food For Thot

I Corinthians 13 for Writers

Though I write in the style of Phil Callaway or Janette Oke, but have not love, I am merely scrawling empty words or filling meaningless pages.

And though I have the ability to show, not tell, and understand the intricacies of grammar and know how to submit a properly formatted manuscript; and though I find an agent who is able to get my book published, and have not love, I may as well write nothing.

And though I use my writing to help a non-profit group, and though I give all the proceeds from my writing away, and have not love, I have accomplished nothing.

Love causes me to work diligently on writing projects, and to be gentle in my critiques of others' writing. Love means I'm not upset when another writer receives first place in the writing contest, but when I do win I humbly thank God for the ability He's given me, recognizing that without Him I wouldn't be writing at all.

Love doesn't put down other writers to make my writing look better, doesn't gloat over other writers' failures, isn't upset when someone suggests more editing is needed, and accepts a rejection letter as an opportunity to explore other opportunities.

Love does not change content merely to please a publisher or make more money. Love insists on sharing a difficult message with gentleness, in obedience to God.

Love keeps me writing in spite of writer's block, encourages me to hone my writing skills so that I can express myself more clearly, and directs me to continue submitting despite numerous rejections.

Love never fails. Fiction will fail. Non-fiction will not always be published. Books may someday vanish...

So let us do all our writing in the context of God's love and for His glory.

© Ruth L. Snyder