June 22, 2022

Standing Firm - Lorrie Orr


Just because I find it difficult to post without an image. 

For several years I served as managing editor of our mission's quarterly newsletter focusing on healthcare. The purpose of the newsletter was two-fold: to connect with mission supporters and to raise funds for ongoing medical work. I wrote articles, and edited the work of other contributors, and worked with photographers and a graphic designer prior to publication. 

Once the work was done I faxed the newsletter to our home office in the United States for approval. One June day I was horrified to receive the "approved" newsletter with a replacement of one story. This new story, contained several gross exaggerations, and at least one mis-truth. It was written by someone in fund-raising, not by anyone on the field, and was high sensationalized. 

Challenging the "bigwig males" in the home office caused me great anxiety. I looked up the event in my journal before writing this post on Inscribe to see if I had written about it. I discovered these words, "when I finally sat at the computer, my hands were shaking and my innards quaking. E-mails flew thick and fast all day long and by 3 PM I was frazzled and sick of the whole thing...I can't just drop the issue because I'm sick of it. It's to do with integrity..."

Later, I wrote, "through all this mess I want to display God's grace. E (a fellow worker) came to me yesterday and said, "You were angry." I had to agree with him. But I pray that my anger has not caused me to use harmful words." 

Finally, as editor, I refused to print the story. I never heard anything from the home office, but several leaders on the field supported me and said that I had chosen wisely. 

Being in conflict with those far above me was difficult, and also eye-opening. I was appalled that a Christian organization would even consider printing this story once it had been proven incorrect. At one point, someone suggested that I let the story go to print and then print a retraction in the next issue. That seemed so very wrong to me. 

I lost respect for some people that day, yet I know that we are all blinded at times, and do things that do not please our Lord. I am so thankful for the grace He extends without measure, and am learning to extend that same grace to others. 

Lorrie Orr writes from Vancouver Island where she enjoys boating and hiking with her husband. Gardening, reading, sewing, and spending time with her five grandchildren fill her days. She is now retired (for the second time) from teaching Spanish at a local high school. She also writes a "slice of life" blog at www.fabricpaperthread.blogspot.com


  1. Dear Lorrie, how wonderful you can look back on that ethical dilemma without regret. Standing firm in our faith grants us peace with the path we've chosen. Graciously done.
    Blessings as you continue to walk in God's marvelous grace.

  2. What a difficult situation to be in Lori! I am glad God gave you the grace you needed.

  3. Lorrie, your post gives a real-life example of making the right ethical decision and sticking to it, in spite of opposition. I applaud your "guts"! This quote from your journal, "I can't just drop the issue because I'm sick of it. It's to do with integrity..." reminds me to always look at the bigger picture. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous2:24 pm GMT-7

    You did the right thing in opposing that factually-incorrect article.

  5. Thanks for sharing your struggle, Lorrie. I like this quote from A League of Their Own - “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard everyone would be doing it. It’s the hard that makes it great”
    Standing up for the right thing in the right way can be difficult but it is so worth it.

  6. I love catching a glimpse of your graciousness, and I am drawn to your kindness in dealing with this hard thing you had to do.


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