September 08, 2020

Who is my mentor? by Vickie Stam

Like some of my InScribe friends, I wanted to look up the meaning behind the word, mentor to be certain that I would get this right. The minute I read the definition I had to admit that I can't say that I have had a great deal of experience with a mentor. 

Sure, I have people in my life who have encouraged me to write and not that long ago I accepted the invitation to become a writing buddy via email. Does that make my friend or myself a mentor? I guess you could say that I never thought of us as mentors - certainly not me.

I continued to research the role of a mentor and the truth is, I realized that there is more to this position than I ever imagined. It's a huge responsibility. Where do I begin? 

I was captivated by the slue of words that cropped up in my research:

relationship, preparation, growth, successful, benefits, support, improvement, advice, teaching, guidance, collaboration, network, encouragement, and so on....

It's fair to say, in my world of writing I feel absolutely starved for that kind of support. I do not have a relationship with another writer that I can meet one-on-one with. I have yet to find a connection like that with another writer where I live in Norfolk County. 

This topic really made me think about who or what motivates me to write. I've always believed that my incentive is God breathed. There was a time when I  wondered why God chose me to write, until I realized he uses my writing to comfort, guide and encourage me.

Music and song lyrics act as mentors for me. Songwriters tell a story when they sing a love song, ballad or lullaby. Songs identify with the world in our quiet times, our chaos and our tragedies. Music motivates me to keep moving, keep trying, keep telling my story. 

Of course authors do the same. Their books bring me rest, show me how to find peace, guide me through so many of life's circumstances. Authors reveal the writing tools I need to craft a great story.

Having said all of this I can't say that I have had much experience with a mentor but look forward to a time when I do.  


  1. mentors are so important!

  2. Hi Vickie! Sounds like our backgrounds re mentors are similar. I write about my mentor in my Sept. 22 post. For now, I'm wondering if mentors are rare. I mean as far as being the right fit for us. I felt sad for you when you wrote, "It's fair to say, in my world of writing I feel absolutely starved for that kind of support." This is a poignant statement. I'm a fortunate guy as I have a writer close by whom I can meet with now and then. The covid era hampers this somewhat but I know I can turn to her without being concerned about hundreds of miles separating us. Keep on writing, Vickie. I know I'm not a mentor but you can always count on me as your writing buddy.

    1. Thanks so much, Alan! You are a true friend and a great writing buddy.

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, Vickie. My heart aches for you, and I'm praying God will bring the right mentor for you. For now, may we in our our blog posts be your shadow mentors.

  4. Absolutely! I do talk about my "InScribe friends" even though I have not met any in person. I just know that we are connected as Christians, writers and encouragers of one another.


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