September 29, 2020

Congratulations Are in Order!

 As you know, InScribe just hosted its first every virtual Fall Conference last weekend. While that is reason enough to celebrate, here are a couple of special items to note:


1st: Sheri Hathaway - “Thoughts from a cancer clinic waiting room”
2nd: Kathleen Friesen “From Death . . .”

Nonfiction to Conference Theme:
1st: Barbara Fuller - “Beyond the Darkness: A note to those who grieve.”
2nd: Robert Stermscheg - “Meatballs Meets Schnitzel”

1st: Janey Bordihn - “Misty Morning”
2nd: Pamela Mytroen - “Bordering on Breakthrough”
3rd: Sylvia Engen Espe - “Hold Me in Your Grip, Lord.” 

Adult Fiction:
1st: Eunice Cooper-Matchett -  “Retrieving Dolly Cry”
2nd: Deb Elkink -  “Repotting”
3rd: Pamela Mytroen -  “When Love is on the Line”
Honourable Mention: Deb Elkink -  “Appearing”

2020 Executive:

President: Tracy Krauss
Vice President: Colleen McCubbin
Administrative Assistant: Marnie Pohlmann
Director @ Large: Charity Mongrain
Director @ Large: Joy Bailey
Director @ Large: Lynn Simpson
Director @ Large: Ruth L. Snyder
Director @ Large: MaryAnn Ward

As well as all the wonderful volunteers who serve on a ministry team!

Thank you to outgoing executive and ministry team leaders:
Bobbi Junior - Treasurer (for 8 years!) 
Pat Gerbrandt - Admin Assistant
Pam Mytroen - Contest Coordinator
Susan Barclay - Writing Groups
Ron Hughes - WorDshops

There is room for you on a ministry team!! Contact an exec member!!


  1. Congratulations to the winners and to all including the team who put the conference together, all that were able to attend, and all current and past executive and volunteers!

  2. Thank you to our InScribe family and all who made Conference and Contests possible!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners!

  4. Congratulations to you all. You pulled it off. Incredible.

  5. I want to add my happy congratulations to all the winners of the various contests. Having been a previous Barnabas winner, I want to especially send my best wishes to the 2020 recipient, Lynn Simpson. Thank you to the outgoing executive members, and my very best wishes to the current members and those stepping into positions. Bless you all!


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