March 12, 2019

Walking in Uncharted Territory by Lorilee Guenter

As the year 2019 started, my journey appeared to be approaching a blind corner. We anticipate changes in many areas of our life but can not see the details of them. The road before us reminds me of travelling through mountains with some blind corners. Mountains blocked the view beyond the next few weeks.

When Bruce and I travel, we turn to our map to find out what to expect around the corner because it is unfamiliar territory. On one of our trips, we could see the destination in the distance but not how to get to it. The destination and surrounding roads were not on the map yet. The area was just being built and the map showed an open area, an undeveloped grassland instead of streets and roads. This year as we look ahead into the unknown it is like looking at that uncharted territory.

In Genesis 12, God called Abraham and instructed him to “go to the land I will show you.” Uncharted territory. Abraham had two choices before him: follow and see where God was leading or stay where everything was familiar. Likewise, I have two choices. I can follow God as my Map Maker and trust His leading as He charts the territory. Conversely, I can stop, plant my feet and settle in to camp on the side of the road demanding answers and direction before I move.

Today the blind corner still looms in front of us. It grows closer with each day. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of what might be ahead. We have chosen, like Abraham, to trust the Master Map Maker and follow Him into the unknown. Each day we look to Him so we do not stumble down a dead end path. Each day we ask for courage. Some days we wonder if our faith is strong enough to follow through as this prayer continues to be answered. The temptation to set up camp on the side of the road grows. The memory of familiar ground entices us to turn around. Then we remember God's command to Joshua: “Be strong and courageous.” and the accompanying promise: “For the Lord Your God will be with you.” (Joshua 1:9) In Joshua 3:4, as Joshua is giving instruction to the Israelite's, we see God has provided a way for them to know where they are going “since you have never been this way before.”

We have never been this way before and we do not have a map for the uncharted territory. I am excited to see where God is leading us. On the days questions rise and temptation looms, I hold onto the promise that I do not walk this path alone. God is with me. It is only with that promise that I can be strong and courageous in the face of uncharted territory.

Lorilee Guenter is navigating the waters of change with her husband Bruce from their home in Saskatoon. They enjoy hiking, photography, and observing the beauty in the details of creation. As they watch their young adult daughters begin to fly, Lorilee is testing her writing wings and learning to fly alongside them.


  1. As you write, Lorilee, I also am curious to know what is around the next corner for you, but instead of leaning out over the mountain's edge--heaven forbid, I am praying that you will rely on the Lord as the lamp for your feet. You may not see much of the journey at one time, but with God's lamp you will see enough ground to make the next step and the next one. If you hold the Good Shepherd's hand that is proffered to you, you will not stumble. May God bless you and keep you.

    1. Only when I hold His hand am I able to stand without falling and walk without stumbling.

  2. I like Sharon's reply as much as I like your post, Lorilee :) Trusting the Master Map Maker is the way to go. He knows what's around every curve and equips us to manage every detour. May God bless you on the journey.


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