March 14, 2019

Charting New Territory - Ruth L. Snyder

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like for Abram as he set out from Haran with wife, Sarai, his nephew, Lot, and all his earthly possessions? He didn't know where he was going. But Genesis 12:1-3 tell us he knew four things:
1. Abram knew God had called him (vs. 1)
2. Abram knew God would show him where to go (vs. 1)
3. Abram knew God would bless him (vs. 2)
4. Abram knew other people would be blessed through him (vs. 3)

I am in the middle of charting new territory in at least two distinct areas of my life.

In September 2018 I received an email inquiry about an opportunity to write stories for the WorldServe Ministries monthly newsletter. I knew nothing about the mission at the time. After some emails back and forth, I agreed to write a sample story for them, free of charge, to see if they thought I would be a good fit. A couple weeks later I heard back. They liked my story, but were working with someone else and would get back to me when they needed help.

This month I am working on my third series of stories. (You can see the stories I wrote last month in the March newsletter.) The mission receives information from the countries where they work. Each month there is a different theme or focus for the newsletter. My task is to take the information and create attention-getting stories that will capture the hearts and minds of donors.

I have little experience in fundraising, other than the typical bake sales and bottle drives that most parents participate in to raise money for a child's school trip. Did you know there's a whole science behind telling stories that motivate people to action? (If you're interested in exploring, check out I'm finding the experience challenging, intriguing, and rewarding. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to help people with my writing.

Structure for fundraising stories
The second area in which I'm charting new territory is helping launch our 18-year-old twins with developmental delays into their adult lives. Luke and Levi are able to do things doctors never thought they would be able to do, and for that I'm very grateful. However, they do have significant challenges. At the same time, I believe that our twins are gifted in special ways and have unique contributions to offer. The challenge is helping them discover and develop those gifts and finding places where their contributions are needed and appreciated.

I'm grateful for the supportive community provided by Inclusion Alberta. Through advocacy available through Inclusion Alberta we have gained access to the customized employment program with Employabilities, and also Personal Futures Planning with Inclusion St. Paul. It's also great to have funding through Persons with Developmental Delays and AISH (though I wish someone would change the moniker for AISH!). We have opted to go with Family Managed Services, which means we and our boys have more freedom to make choices. However, we also have more responsibilities as a family than if we chose to go with a service provider. Right now I am in the process of hiring new support staff for the boys and training them.

I'm grateful that God knows where each of these paths are leading, that I know he has called me to these paths, that he is showing us the way, that he is blessing us, and that others are able to be blessed as well.

What new territory are you exploring? What is God teaching you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!


  1. Ruth, I enjoyed reading your post today and learning about these two uncharted territories you are venturing into at this present time. Challenging, yet exciting opportunities. I'm grateful that He knows the way through the wilderness. Blessings as you follow Him!

  2. Brenda,
    Thanks for your friendship and encouragement. I, too, am grateful that God knows (and leads) the way through the wilderness. Blessings on your journey!

  3. Congratulations on your two new territories of service, Ruth. This is so wonderful to hear the doctor's word that your two sons are doing things that were once deemed beyond his expectation. May God bless you and Kendall for your faithfulness to your calling to be loving parents of children with special needs. God is blessing your love and your work. You also have the heart and the ability to write well for the service ministry. May God bless your work here as well, Ruth.

  4. Thanks for your faithful encouragement, Sharon. We serve an amazing God and it is a privilege to serve him!


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