September 08, 2017

Divinely Orchestrated Appointments are NOW - Dayna Mazzuca

This is a wonderful season we're in, spiritually speaking. God is connecting all the dots, revealing his purposes for his church in this time. He is arranging one divine appointment after another. He is speaking through his people. He is answering the hard questions. He is calling us to wait on him, to lift up our hearts, to depend on the Holy Spirit for direction and to trust in his provision.

My son made me this sign on my birthday:  
When all else fails, God will not.

This was my hubby's:  
When they throw you to the wolves, come back leading the pack.

And my daughter's handmade offering:   
I love you so much!

These are three messages to sustain. 

Together, they remind me: God's unfailing love will not fail. 

His redemption is full and we are fully his.

This means we can trust him for great things. In the small things, the large things. the material things and the invisible things. In other words: we can trust him in ALL things.

The other day I was driving through Airdrie with my daughter (for a girls' getaway to Banff). I hadn't called my close friend who lives in Airdrie and was feeling like I was flying under the radar. I knew she'd be hurt if she knew I was in town (even briefly) and didn't call. But I'd wanted to focus on my daughter and our intentional weekend away. I still, however, was very aware of what my friend's response might be...

We were there about 10 minutes. I went to use the washroom at McDonald's and came out only to bump into her husband, a tall, outgoing, super-social connector. He was on his phone in an instant. I ended up having a great conversation with my friend while our kids played in the backyard. It turned out her husband wasn't "supposed to be" there at that time, but that his meeting had been changed that morning. God's timing.

Then... on our return trip back through Airdrie to Edmonton from Banff, we hit a huge rainstorm. I took a detour onto the east side of the highway and veered off to a restaurant I'd never heard of, but that looked comfortable. I pulled up to the window and there was my same friend eating a bowl of soup! She had never been to that restaurant either. "This is my first time out for lunch in a year," she laughed as we hugged inside. She called her hubby, who brought the same two children my daughter had played with at the start of the trip. And, again, we had a great conversation and thanked God for his timing—and attention to detail!

I should add: I do not own a cell, making these divinely-orchestrated appointments extra special.

These two connections, which allowed my friend and I to support each other in our journeys with our children, to pray together and to bless one another, affirmed to both of us (and our children!) that God is in the details. We can trust him with our comings and goings. How much more can we trust him with our work and our lives? Amen.


  1. Wonderful examples of how God's hand is in every aspect of our lives - large and small.

  2. Super encouraging - thank you Dayna for reminding me today that God is in the tiniest of details and is watching over us! And over our writing too. Oh, what a great way to start the day!
    Pam M.

  3. So true - thanks Pam! - Dayna

  4. I'm smiling, Dayna, as I read your blog. These meetings are possible, even without using a cell phone. It's funny that I didn't get to your blog before writing my own for today (10th). I was thinking of the things that happened in biblical times, also without the Internet or a cell phone, both of which are such recent inventions in the grand scheme of things. I love your story. Thanks.


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