June 22, 2016

Doing Goofy Things and Just Being! by Alan Anderson

This post may be a bit of a stretch as I consider the theme for this month.  It does, however, give an idea of what I do when not writing or working.  I hope it gives you a bit of an idea of who I am as a person as well.

I doubt too many people would consider me an artistic guy.  I mean artistic in things like drawing or painting or photography and things like that.  I don’t sing too well either anymore or play an instrument.  I’m pretty well still at the stick figure level of drawing.  I do have a fondness for Vincent Van Gogh and love his “Starry Night” painting.  I sense a hint of the longing of his soul when I look at that painting.

The work and ministry I have been called to is often of a serious nature.  I spend a lot of time with people living with challenging health needs as well as those facing the closing chapter in their lives.  I find a need for humour especially when encountering prolonged situations of sadness.

A highlight in my life is doing goofy things together with those I love and especially with my wife Terry.  I’m not a complete and total introvert but I am certainly more of an introvert than Terry.  I am with people a lot.  I have to say I need times where people are few and far between.  During some of these times I go out of my way to avoid people.  Yes, you read right, I periodically avoid people.  I enjoy these times immensely (insert smile here!).

I never get tired of being with Terry.  Now and again I know she wants a bit of a break from me so I accommodate this need.  As a guy who doesn’t know what it is like to be bored I can easily turn to something to do when not with her.  I can write, I can play with our dog a whole bunch and I can do things around the house.

Terry and I like to goof around. We may send our kids a text just to confuse them.  We may show up unexpectedly when we know they have plans of their own just to see their expressions of surprise or shock.  We may also do something on the spur of the moment like take a goofy photo together.

Life has taught me the importance of having fun.  With all that goes on in life as the years go by and as the seasons change, there is still a place to just “be”.  I am thankful for the moments of fun and being goofy.  I am thankful for moments of just “being,” to sit and ponder, to breathe.

Terry keeps me grounded and from taking life too seriously.  She is more outgoing than I am by far.  Perhaps that explains why we get along so well and have been together for so many years.  What would I do without her?  I have thought about that but don’t like to very often.

God gave us to each other.  He has watched over us even during challenging and sad times.  It is as if being goofy is a healing balm to soothe scars we may have been marked with because of jolts in life.  Perhaps when we are being goofy, when we giggle with each other, God laughs as well.  That leaves a wonderful picture in my heart.  God laughing with us!

My love to you all my dear readers and writer friends!

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  1. Love it! You story captured the essence of who you are. Keep on having fun doing goofy things.

  2. Amen to laughter and being goofy-it is proverbially approved in being good medicine! (for our souls and those around us.)

  3. Love it! We all need episodes of goofy in our lives.

  4. Humour is always the best medicine

  5. Thanks for this post, Alan. I love the giggle bursting on your face in the photo of the two of you above. Your good wife looks like she's having a good time too. I appreciate the way you balance the serious side of your life with some goofiness on the side. Another thing I notice is your sensitivity to your wife's need for some separateness. As much as I love the Norwegian, I like a bit of independent time as well. May God continue to bless you and your wife in your marriage.


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