March 26, 2015

Dancing Naked by Marnie Pohlmann

I am a writer!

Like Archimedes leaving his bath to run in excitement, shouting a message others may or may not have cared about, being a writer makes me feel exhilarated – as well as naked and exposed. Putting my thoughts, beliefs, fantasies, and life lessons in black ink is thrilling, but sharing with others what eventually comes out of those musings is downright frightening.

Words are powerful. As a child, I needed to use words to ask for help, but could not whisper the secrets. I lied to my diary, God, and myself because the truth was too difficult to face. Yet creative writing of stories, poetry, and school assignments carried me through many years, providing a refuge of sanity. Eventually, writing in personal journals helped me hear God speak healing into my heart, mind, and soul.

I have always been a writer, and sometimes I actually feel like a writer – when I win national and international contests, see my wording used by volunteer organizations, am paid for publication, or share at a women’s retreat. These times convince me I am a writer.

Yet, many times, I do not feel like a writer – when I avoid the work of writing, am afraid to share even when my words may encourage another, don’t make time in the busy-ness of life to practice and grow the skills, or when I do not seek publication. These times convince me I will never be a writer and that I do not even want to try.

God reminds me, though - repeatedly, that He has created me, a clay pot. He will use me, perhaps as a vase to hold beautiful flowers or as a chamber pot. He may dress me in soft fabrics that shimmer or in a soldier’s uniform. In whatever way God chooses to use my writing and me, He only asks I be true to myself – to the self He formed me to be in those dark times, those joyous times, those quiet times.

The following notes are gleaned from my quiet time journals; verses God gave me to remind me I am a writer – gifted and called for His purpose, whatever that may look like. Search them out to see if they also ring true for you.

Esther 4:14 - God’s message will be told – He has given me training and opportunity to join Him in the telling, so others can know His salvation.

Romans 9:25 - God uses cracked pots and weak vessels. No matter how far I have to go, He can use the story of how far He has brought me.

1 Peter 2:10 - I have not chosen to be a writer; God chose me to work with and for Him in this way.

Romans 10 - Others are also writing; I am not in competition, but join the procession, and it is a good thing to do! Paul goes on to explain that sharing the good news will not be easy – not everyone will listen (or read), they may be critical, give us cold shoulders, and cold stares. However, before people can believe, they need to listen, and before they can listen, someone needs to be preaching (speaking, writing). No matter the reaction of others, my calling to write does not change.

So like King David, the Psalmist-Warrior, I dance naked, writing in praise of God's victory in my life.

My name is Marnie, and I am a writer.


  1. Anonymous5:08 am GMT-7

    Yes you are a writer! I can absolutely relate to being afraid to share my words, and have to pray continually that I am not in the way of God's work through me. Your words God has placed in you to share have inspired me. Thank you!

  2. YOU ARE A WRITER!!!! I say this not only because of what you wrote today, but because I am one of those people who have read your words in the past (or hear you speak them) You have an eloquence of style that I admire more than you probably know.You and your words are truly an inspiration to many.

  3. Marnie, your sweet eloquent words are ALWAYS an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. "No matter the reaction of others, my calling to write does not change." Amen Marnie!
    Yes you are a writer.

  5. "No matter the reaction of others, my calling to write does not change." Amen Marnie!
    Yes you are a writer.

  6. Encouraging words to all of us who struggle to say we are writers ... makes me wonder is the struggle the power behind why we write? Great opening & closing lines- "I am a writer!"

  7. A vase for flowers, or a chamber pot? Oh yes, I can relate! Such is the position of a Christian writer! Very well said.

  8. "He may dress me in soft fabrics that shimmer or in a soldier's uniform." My favourite line because I LOVE the word picture I get (MANY word pictures of all the outfits God dresses us in). Yes, just a reminder that God can use our words to speak "soft" messages or "soldier" messages. And that's awesome!

  9. Marnie,

    Your description of when you feel like you are a writer and when you don't -- I can relate to that feeling. I got two writing assignments completed yesterday, and yes, as I drifted off to sleep after all that work, I smiled to myself -- I felt like a writer.

    Enjoyed your story very much!

    Happy writing...


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