June 15, 2014

'If' and 'Only' - Tracy Krauss

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a relationship with words. I think about writing when I’m supposed to be doing something else. I imagine the characters, the plot, the setting, the dialogue. Writing fills my thoughts, my dreams, and my imaginings.

The reality once sitting with my computer screen in front of me is often quite different. That wonderful story that has been occupying my thoughts doesn’t translate quite as fluidly once I start trying to write it down. Sometimes I get bogged down when trying to move from scene to scene and the story drags. I just want to skip ahead to the ‘fun’ part. (And sometimes I do and then come back to the troublesome scene later.)

My eventual goal is to write full time. Surely, if I could spend the main part of my day writing, I could get so much more done. I could focus more on the promotional end of things, too, and maybe start seeing some payoff… ‘If only’…

‘If’ and ‘only’ are two words that should be banished from a writer’s vocabulary. Rather than bemoan the time I don’t have to write, I need to see the allotted time I do have as a gift from God. He is the one who has given me the desire and the ability in the first place, so who am I to question Him? "Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn't come, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the 'present'."

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published author living and working in Tumbler Ridge, BC. Visit her website for all her titles: http://tracykrauss.com


  1. You read my mind!!! Thank you so much!

  2. That blank page is troublesome for me too! The flow in my head comes to a stall when I try to push it through the keyboard! And how true about 'if' and 'only'. Two words we should not love!

  3. So true, Tracy. Instead of bemoaning the fact that there is no time for writing, let's get joyful and grateful and productive during those times we DO have! I so relate to the longing to write full time, but seasons are just that - seasons in our lives. A time to. . .
    Great post and happy writing this week!

  4. Great post and comments! Thank -you Tracey, for being an on-going inspiration and voice of encouragement. May God be with all writers who try to balance serving in all other areas of life with writing as well. It is a challenge, but a lovely one to have:)

  5. I can relate, Tracy. I compose amazing things when I'm driving, walking the dog, cleaning the house. But when I sit down... Would it be different if I didn't have my pesky full-time job? I don't think so. I would simply have more opportunity to waste time as I do already. I know I don't use my current time efficiently. Perhaps if I started there, God would honour that and give me more! Seems I have some work to do. Thanks for the challenge. :)

  6. Bobbi, I write amazing stuff while doing something else too! Thank you everyone for your encouragement. We are in this boat together

  7. I definitely hear you on this one Tracy. The works in the mind seem so perfect, but when it comes to getting them on paper it is much more difficult than imagined.
    And what a great reminder to "...see the allotted time I do have as a gift from God."

  8. Actually, Tracy, there is some value in lack of time (Deadlines . . .).
    They not only get us moving, they can often produce more efficient writing. Too much time can water down our efforts and make the material laboured.
    You're right, the "if only" is not necessarily better.

  9. And that gift of time is to do the Lord's will. Blessings to you as you listen to Him and find the time to write when He tells you.

  10. I have to agree with Bryan in that too much time isn't always best, for me procrastination results.
    I connect with your thought that great ideas do not always translate into great words.
    Write on!

  11. I too think about writing especially when I'm busy working on the farm. I often find little pieces of paper in which to write my thoughts down on so I don't forget. At the time the words seem so important that I can't seem to let them go. I hope you are blessed one day soon to write on a full times basis.

  12. Oh, I can so relate. Sometimes I lay awake at night with a poem idea running through my head and the next morning it doesn't sound as amazing as it did at 1 a.m. Hahaha!
    Yes, it's good to be thankful for even those small chunks of time. As Sister Hazel sings, "I'm in the moment. And I'm alive."


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