December 05, 2013

InScribers Review: An Amish Family Christmas (Murray Pura)



Book Review by Vivia Oliver

An Amish Family Christmas

Author: Murry Pura
Publisher: Harvest House, 2013

Murry writes very good Christian fiction, true in detail and Biblical truth. The Amish belief that people should not participate in war time efforts can be very troublesome for some church leaders. Micah has felt a pull of God's spirit and done a good deed by going to the battlefield to save the injured as a medic. Would you follow a pull of the spirit that was against your minister's advice?

This explanation of the controversy in the rules of churches could lead a reader into the story. Many have interest in subjects of this kind.

But the church is tied to rules, so they shun him for his good deed. When he is gone to war his wife of a short time, Naomi, suffers the loss of her sister and parents in an accident at home. Her brother survives the wreck but can’t talk afterwards.

When Micah returns after his year of service, he is not allowed to talk to anyone because of his involvement in a war effort. He can live at the same house as his wife and sister but cannot communicate unless it is an emergency.

This shun continues until the ministers son has a serious accident near the home of Micah and Naomi. Micah rushes to the scene and saves the boy by his medical knowledge. The minister gets the message that this medic involvement in the war was a good thing, and finally removes the shun from Micah and allows the married couple to enjoy their marriage after all.

Removing the shun could cause division in the church, but all ends well, the Lord blesses Micah in the end.

Does your local congregation hold fast to rules that could discourage people from attending your church?

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  1. I am looking forward to reading another of Murray's books over the holidays - I've been 'saving' it. :)


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