July 03, 2013

Are You Lost in Space? - Janis Cox

"Lost ... in ... space" - do you remember those words?

Sometimes I get lost in computer space.

I knew that connections were important and I have made some great Internet friends. But I do tend to get clicking on my computer and lose track of time.

I needed help!

God showed me that I could get more accomplished in a shorter period of time if I followed these five easy steps:
  1. Don't get sidetracked. Turn off email alerts, Facebook alerts or anything that will distract you from the job at hand. Make your program set so you are in control. Then you can check your emails, Facebook or whatever when you want to.
  2. Follow your passion. Do your writing (or whatever is top on your list) first not last. You can choose your priorities.
  3. Work on your Internet connections but don't forget those you can phone or see. Choose which social media that you will concentrate on. You can't do them all and do them well. Don't fret about the others. Do the social media that works for you and do that well.
  4. Take care of yourself. Take regular breaks from your computer screen. If you can't remember set a timer. Give your eyes a break and exercise your body. Here are links to Kimberley Payne's videos on how to do easy stretches at your computer.
  5. Don't Stress, Reassess. Check over your priorities often. Ask God to show you the proper order. Then write that plan in bold letters above your computer. And take time to do this. Do a mini version every day.

What keeps you focused on the thing that God is calling you to do?
How can I pray for you?

Janis, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published a couple of devotionals and a number of articles.

As owner of a group blog Under the Cover of Prayer and a blogger at He Cares for Us she writes often.

Her children's book, Tadeo Turtle, won the best children's book at The Word Awards.

Janis blogs a little creative on Creative Saturdays. 
Email her at Janis or visit her at www. janiscox.com.


  1. Wise tips! My favourite is "Don't stress, reassess" but they're all valuable. And it's so true, online communication can shut out the deeper connection from a phone call or visit.

  2. Janet,
    We found that out the other day when we finally talked on the phone! At least a year since we "talked".

  3. These are all fantastic tips, Janis. I chuckled at the intro. 'Lost In Space' was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. My brother and I would pretend/play to be the characters - for hours. He was the robot and I was always Zachary Smith... hmm... (For those who don't know, ZS was the evil and annoying scientist...)

  4. Your tips are all very good and each is worth implementation. I will adopt #5 for sure. It is indeed time to check over my priorities with God looking over my shoulder showing me the proper order. The plan in bold letters on my computer should help me focus. I'll report back to you, Jan. Thanks.

    How can you pray for me? Please pray that I will reset my focus button and my habits with God's daily guidance.

  5. Great tips! Thanks for including my video clips in your piece. :)

  6. Thanks Tracy, Sharon and Kimberley for commenting. I keep forgetting to check back here - one more thing.. :)
    Lifting a prayer that you an focus on what God wants you to do. That you can watch and see where He is working and leading you - and go there with diligence immediately.
    Blessings to all,


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